June 19, 2024

Check out these games which you can enjoy with your friends

The present fast-moving world gives us very little scope to interact with our near and dears ones. The primary chores keep us so busy that we do not get the time to catch up with friends and have fun. Online games can however provide a way to bring the family back together and enjoy the time together we have all been missing. Texas Holdem is one such game that you can play online with your friends through a video call. There are other variants as well, let’s get into further details.

Types of Games to Play Online

Tons of games are available online to satiate our hearts with the pleasure of gaming.

Card Games

Texas Hold’em

This is a variant of the poker game of cards that is one of the simplest card games to play. It is easier to learn and has fewer rules applicable to it. Besides, it has three variants. The first one is called Limit Texas Hold’em where there is a pot amount set before starting the game. The second variant is a No-limit Texas Hold’em where there is no limit to set the betting amount. You can bet all of your chips to play this type of Texas Hold’em. The third variant is called Pot Texas Hold’em where the betting ransom depends on the pot value.


This is a traditional 13 card game of cards that is most popular in the online gaming world. You can play this game with multiple people. This game requires you to form correct sets and sequences. You will be declared a winner if you have a set of cards making a better combination as compared to the opponents.

Trivia Games


If you have a keen interest in knowing about different things then this is your game to play. It has many genres to explore and quiz on them. Be it Bollywood, sports, politics or any other significant field you will find them included in this game. GK entices curious minds to know and reflects more. Furthermore, the urge to win prizes by exploring things of your liking is not an easy thing to get. If you play with 2 or more people you have the chance of winning if you score the highest.


Like tingling your senses? Then Picme is one of the best games to try. It allows you to test your keen observation skills. Here you will get to scrutinize and differentiate objects and pictures by noticing the minute details. Further, remove the odd ones from various similar options. If you have strong reflexes and want to do it then PicMe will surely serve you the best. If you outsmart the opponents then the potluck is all yours to have.

Casual Games

Dot & Dash

Remember playing games with pencil and paper in your school days? Drawing lines by joining dots and creating boxes to write down your initials? This is the same game but in the online mode. This is easy to comprehend game which is more fun to play. The person who has the highest number of boxes with their initials wins the game. You can play this game with people from all around the country and win cash prizes that are predecided. All you need to do is strategize and master the skills of understanding the pattern. This simple game also offers you the scope to win cash if you are the winner.

ABC Rummy

This is a different type of rummy that does not require you to think about the suits, wild cards and ranking of your cards. Here there is no use of the deck of 52 cards rather the alphabets of ABC to XYZ are used. This is a casual game that involves all 26 letters of the English language. You will have to form sequences and sets with the letters. If you manage to form such sets faster than the co-contestants then you win the game. You do not have to know the rules of playing the card game of rummy. You just need to understand patterns and comprehend them quickly.


Among the casual games, carrom is the most popular one. It is also known as finger billiards. Carrom can have a maximum of 4 players owning one side each of a square board. You will have 2 sets of coins (black and white) each set contains 9 pieces or coins. Besides, a red coin is present which is called the queen of coins. The coin bigger than the rest is the striker which is used to strike the coins. Every coin has points. The person who pockets faster than the others is the winner.

Playing games online is everyone’s favourite activity in the present world. Nowadays a variety of online gaming platforms are providing comprehensive entertainment 24 x 7. Out of them, GetMega stands as an active portal where you can find many games belonging to common genres like trivia, casual and cards. Moreover, the scope to win cash prizes is also provided by the same. Here, you can play with your friends and family while communicating with them live.


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