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The Myopia of Marketing

Marketing is a multifaceted discipline that encompasses many of the elements necessary for building a successful business. These elements include branding, advertising and sales. Branding is what makes products memorable to buyers and the basis of creating a positive image. Advertising is the process by which organizations communicate with their customers to build awareness and establish customer loyalty. Sales is the method through which organizations make their products available to their customers and generate revenues from the sales of those products.

The Key Factors That Determine The Success Or Failure Of Any Campaign 

Marketers know that they must keep abreast of the latest trends and consumer behavior to be successful in their campaigns. They also know that they must have a solid knowledge of the marketplace, its components and how they interact to be able to effectively influence consumer behavior. This knowledge base is what gives marketers the ammunition they need to identify the right customer segments and target them with the right message.

Marketers engage in several types of marketing activities. One of the most important of these activities is conducting market research. Market research is necessary for understanding the purchasing trends of various sub-sectors of the market, such as the product category, age group, gender and other relevant information. This information is used to formulate appropriate selling strategies. For example, research could show that the target market are heavy podcast listeners. Thus, a business can buy Spotify streams for content that markets their products. 

A Good Marketing Concept Is Also One That Generates Revenue

This is because without sales there is no money generated. Marketers therefore need to conduct effective marketing management activities to ensure that revenue is generated. There are various ways to conduct effective marketing management and to ensure that sales are maximized. One of these ways is through the process of selling.

Marketing research is what enables marketers to understand consumers’ needs and tastes. They then develop a strategy that will satisfy those needs and tastes. One way of marketing a product is through its marketing. When developing a marketing concept marketers use several marketing concepts such as selling the concept, selling the product and selling the brand. The third concept is marketing management, which is an essential aspect of the whole marketing process.

Processes Of Marketing Management

Marketing management includes the processes involved in building the reputation of the product, creating packaging that is attractive, and other related activities. Another important aspect of marketing management is creating advertising campaigns. Advertising is what enables marketers to persuade consumers to purchase a product. For this purpose, marketers develop advertising campaigns that are convincing enough to encourage consumers to purchase a particular product. The objective of advertising is to convince consumers that a certain product is suitable for their particular needs.

Influencer marketing is another form of marketing research that is used by marketers. By using an influencer, marketers seek to obtain feedback on the products or services that they have developed. The feedback that they receive from the consumers will allow marketers to improve upon their strategies. This also allows them to determine if there is a need to change their strategies. Through influencer marketing, marketers learn about their audience, and as such, they are better able to develop marketing activities that appeal to a particular audience.


Marketing myopia occurs when marketers focus on just selling the product. They may not be aware that there are other ways of making their product concept more appealing to consumers. As such, when they do market their product concept, they do it using the most expensive means possible. They may adopt the highest priced advertising mediums available, they may use glossy magazine advertisements, or they may visit prime time television spots. Regardless of how much they invest into marketing their product concept, marketers must remember that consumers are the true beneficiaries.

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