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The Marketing Concepts You Need To Know

Marketing is a generic term that is used broadly to describe any activity designed to promote a product, support, or image. Marketing is also known as the promotion of products, the exchange of goods or services for financial compensation, and the advertising or promotion of products. Marketing is an important element of business. It enables organizations to create and develop a reputation for themselves and to increase customer loyalty. The objective of marketing is to attract new customers and convert existing customers to customers. You can use a variety of methods, including methods that allow you to buy Twitch followers if your target market are heavy users of the platform. 

Marketing Is Not The Same As Sales Or Product Development 

Sales and product development are specific processes by which organizations use marketing activities to sell their products and services. Marketing refers to the whole process an organization undertakes, from product creation to building effective relationships with potential clients to acquire value for money in return for a commitment to sell the product or service. There are four basic aspects of marketing research; customer need, product or service description, marketing strategy and marketing research.

There are various marketing concepts that drive the overall concept. One such concept is society marketing management. Society marketing management seeks to align marketing objectives with social marketing objectives. For instance, in a customer-oriented context, marketing objectives might include reducing customer product abandonment, improving customer retention, increasing product access and selection, etc. In a societal marketing context, the marketing objectives might be the achievement of setting quality targets in a socially competent environment.


Marketing concept can be divided into two basic categories, product concept and marketing concept. Product concept involves identifying, categorizing and delivering a product or service to customers. A common example of a product concept is the development of new cars. Marketing concept involves the creation of the marketing strategy, defining the target market, identifying appropriate marketing tools, developing financial expectations and determining the financial commitment of a company towards the project. Marketing strategies become successful only when they satisfy the goals and objectives of the company.

Marketing management concepts are formulated to ensure maximum profitability for a company by ensuring that all the stakeholders are satisfied. The primary stakeholders are consumers. Marketing strategies to address the concerns of the consumers. For example, when marketing infant formula, marketers will need to ensure that the product is attractive, suitable for babies and attractive to women.

A second example is customer orientation. Customer orientation means that marketers should take pains to create a product that is appealing to the customer. This is achieved through an elaborate marketing concept structure, product presentation and marketing strategy, customer information gathering and product offering. The marketing concept needs to provide an extensive customer database, including both end users and prospective end users. A third example is product segmentation, which refers to identifying products according to their geographical location, consumer tastes and other attributes.

Consumer-Oriented Marketing Concepts Provide A Good Way Of Evaluating Marketing Strategies

Consumer-oriented marketing, as defined above, focuses on customer satisfaction. This involves offering relevant and useful products to customers. The marketing strategy should take into consideration the concerns of customers. Such strategies are in line with the objectives of customer satisfaction, namely, enhanced brand value, improved sales, better distribution channels, customer loyalty and enhanced customer satisfaction.


There are three elements required to make sure that you offer services and products to your clients that are in line with your marketing concept. These elements are effective, efficient and appropriate. In short, the marketing concept plays a crucial role in ensuring that your business receives appropriate marketing attention. The basic aim of marketing is to create awareness and to establish customer needs and expectations. So, it is imperative that you choose your marketing concept keeping in mind the market needs and demands.

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