May 30, 2024

Read About A Revolutionary Game

PACMAN – a name that probably every 90s kid knows. This game would not need any introduction. In the year 1980, when kids were looking for reasons to hang out. Even the creators were also in their high school and were not into video games during that time. The reason why video games were not preferred as they seemed a bit violent and dark like Space invaders. Here the players used to shoot the aliens.

No wonder the Pacman 30th anniversary game is a kind of nostalgia for the 90s kids who are all in their 30s. They grew up with PACMAN. The Doodle of Google started this with the interactive PacMan version on the 30th anniversary. Even when it was initially planned to get a one-off easter egg, the positive feedback from people encouraged this mastermind to make interactive logos from it. The whopping number of more than one billion players has been estimated to have played in the first 3 days. 

How has PACMAN revolutionized the gaming world?

Since the time it has been released, this game has inspired many people. It has also encouraged fashion collections and Martin Amis novels as well. Needless to mention, many merchandise from commemorative alcohol and novelty boxer shorts, Pacman is a name that is not limited to games. It goes beyond games and reaches beyond just the players. 

You will be simply astounded to know that there are more than 200 releases till date which continue to have a big number of audience. This is the 40th year of the release of this revolutionary game, and the stadia service of Google is all set to release the Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle. This is yet another franchise that has been added to Pacman. Not only Google but there are other big names as well. 

In October, the creator of Pacman Bandai Namco has already released the Pacman Geo. This is an app that would turn the maze into real city streets. Apart from this, the British developers have also come up with the Pac-Man: The Card Game, which is a family tabletop game. 

Similar to that of the films, which consist of some fundamental techniques that include pans, cutes, zooms and angles. These are the fundamental techniques that you find in video games. However, unlike the metalanguage of films that have been discussed for centuries, people are not just starting to find video games and their fundamentals. 

Pacman Made People Feel The Warmth: 

The many games you find on the internet are mostly about annihilation. While most of the games available on the internet have an aggressive theme of World War, this was completely different and appealing. This is a game that has a unique look and feel. The game has no war or fire in it. The game is just to outrun the pursuers till the time you get enough strength that you will be able to chase them. Something that really got people’s attention is that it altered the arcades and social dialogue. 

This is one of those unique games which now every generation gets. However, it started with Pacman, and thus it remained a pilot and the game-changer in total. The candy looking game that made both men and women equal and has an abstract look that influenced people to give up on the aggressive games and enjoy this new sort of game with a completely different motive. 

Pacman is the name of the game that compelled designers to start experiencing a broader environment, stories and characters. Even when the game seemed completely natural and nothing out of the box, the game could easily reach people through its unique story. 

Even if you ask players to play Pacman, they would still be excited to play this fun-filled game. So on this Pacman 30th anniversary, it is time that we again go back to our childhood days. Even Google has been highly inspired by Pacman, which compelled to offer an easy way to play and enjoy gaming between working hours.


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