July 23, 2024

Meet Sophie Lloyd, Machine Gun Kelly’s Guitarist Accused of Cheating

People are saying that Machine Gun Kelly may have cheated on his girlfriend, Megan Fox, with another woman named Sophie Lloyd. This has surprised many of their fans.

Before, there were rumors that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly had broken up because Megan had deleted all pictures of Machine Gun Kelly from her social media pages, and later, she even deleted her account.

The couple first met in March 2020 when they worked together on a movie called “Midnight in the Switchgrass.” They started dating soon after and became very famous together. In January 2022, Machine Gun Kelly proposed to Megan, which made them even more famous.

There are rumors that Machine Gun Kelly may have cheated on his girlfriend, Megan Fox, with Sophie Lloyd, who is also his guitarist.

Sophie Lloyd is a 27-year-old British musician who is being linked romantically to MGK amid the cheating allegations.

Lloyd has been touring with MGK since May 2022 as part of his Mainstream Sellout Tour.

She started playing the guitar when she was 10 years old after being inspired by Led Zeppelin. According to her website, playing the guitar helped her overcome her anxieties and gave her a sense of fulfillment.

Lloyd’s musical influences include Iron Maiden, Pantera, Black Label Society, the Offspring, and Misfits.

She has a strong following on Instagram with over 750,000 followers, where she shares videos of her guitar playing. Lloyd also posts her guitar videos on her YouTube channel, which she started in 2011.

Fans suspect that Sophie Lloyd may have been the other woman in Megan Fox’s relationship with MGK, after the actress hinted at infidelity in an Instagram post on February 12.

The post showed Fox posing in a bathroom mirror with a mystery man, along with a cryptic photo of a letter burning in a fire.

To caption her post, Fox used lyrics from Beyoncé’s song “Pray You Catch Me,” which is known for describing her husband Jay-Z’s infidelity. This has led fans to speculate that Fox may have been hinting at a similar situation.

In the cryptic post, Fox wrote, “You can taste the dishonesty / it’s all over your breath.” This was enough for one of her followers to speculate about Sophie Lloyd and comment, “He probably got with Sophie.”

However, Fox did not confirm or deny the rumor. Instead, she replied with “Maybe I got with Sophie” and added a flame emoji.

Although Fox has since deleted her Instagram account, before doing so, she deleted all traces of MGK from her page, unfollowed him, and followed only three accounts: Harry Styles, Timothée Chalamet, and Eminem.

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