Jeep Compass Price in Kerala: An Honest Review in 2022

If you wish to know the jeep compass price in Kerala, It’s On-Road Price starts from Rs.23,02,135* to Rs.32,30,674*.

The presence of Jeep has been increasing at a very fast pace. The reason why it is able to gain momentum is the ability to bring up models that have suited the people in different conditions. Renegade was the very first one, and now Compass has offered even more potential to offer better. 

Before we talk about the reviews of this car, let us find out what the new things that you can get from Jeep Compass are. 

What is New In It? 

  • Suspension tuning has been revised
  • New interior and exterior design
  • Revised steering
  • The engine is now 177HP
  • 9-speed auto transmission has been returned
  • The 10.1 inches touch screen
  • New and amazing safety features
  • Great rear seats 

In the present years, Jeep Compass has become one of the most competitive SUVs available in the market. However, the race has slowed a little bit due to the less demanding features. Understanding the recent challenge and market, the car manufacturer has, however, made some changes which have made it quite a great choice. 

Even when the 2.4 liter of the 4-cylinder engine has got a bit less power compared to the previous ones, the revised 9-speed automatic transmission has improved the driving experience. The manufacturer has integrated this to offer a smoother shift experience and better acceleration. Further updates in the suspension and steering can improve the performance of this car. 

Fuel Economy and Performance: 

Compass has a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder engine. In the 2022 model, it will be able to deliver 177 HP and a torque of 172 LB-FT. The 6-speed auto transmission is a standard choice for the Latitude models and FWD Sport, while the 9-speed auto is a stand for other AWD models. 

Features and Safety ratings: 

With the addition of new and improved equipment in the 2022 model, now the Jeep Compass has got a huge number of safety features included in it. This also comprises a fill speed warning along with the active braking system. It also comes with adaptive cruise control with the capability to stop and go traffic. 

Lanter. Jeep is also going to include semi-autonomous driving that will make use of adaptive cruise control technology and lane centering technology to ease driving on the highways. Even when this is a fantastic creature, the drivers are recommended to keep their eyes stuck to the road and the hands-on wheels. 


The Jeep Compass 2022 is available with the standard 8.4 inches of a touchscreen. This has got a good appreciation from the fanatics. However, the optional 10.1 inch of screen in 2022 offers more room for controls. The inclusion of the 6 speakers in the audio system, which can be upgraded to 9-speaker, is available. 

What is it good for? 

No doubt that Jeep has been one of the major choices of car enthusiasts. It went for the rear suspension of strut type rather than going for a multi-link. If you are someone to go off-road for every no and then, this can be a great choice for all your off-roading trips. 


Hopefully the information available here will be enough for you to decide whether you want to buy or not. If you wish to know the jeep compass price in Kerala, you can check the details. Remember to contact the nearest best dealer. 

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