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How to Wear Matte Lipstick? : Step-By-Step Guide

Every make-up lover vouches for the fact that nothing compliments the face more than the pigmented lipstick. Its saturday date night with your Bae and the last thing you want to ruin your plan is an uneven lipstick that dries up quickly. And that’s where matte lipstick comes to the rescue! The rich pigmentation and flawless finish of the matte lipstick is all you need to accentuate your overall make-up look. The sensational matte lip colors deliver crisp, vibrant, smooth and supple lips. 

These lipsticks are formulated with a rich creamy texture that make the lips hydrated and keep them smooth throughout. The moisturizing element of these lip shades ensures smooth gliding without making the lips look uneven. To get that perfect pout without any flaky layer of lipstick, follow these essential tips to rock your matte lip game. 

How to Apply Matte Lipstick Rightly?

Beginning with Lip Exfoliation 

First and foremost prep your lips with the help of exfoliation. It is considered the first and most important step before applying lip make-up productsExfoliating your lips is an easy-to-do thing and you can try the toothbrush method by using a clean and soft brush to scrub your bare lips. This will help to remove the dead skin layer from the lips and make them soft and supple. 

Moisturize the Lips 

The next important step is to moisturize the lips after the exfoliation. Use any lip balm enriched with the goodness of hydration to seal your lips with moisture and avoid dryness. Matte lipsticks have the formulation of velvety texture and are highly smooth; still you should moisturize your lips before applying any lipstick to keep it fresh and long-lasting throughout the day. 

Prime your Lips before Applying Lip Color 

This is the third step that is to prime your lips for providing an even and seamless surface so that the lipstick glides properly. Applying a concealer on the lippies will ensure that the color stays for long without creasing, or budging and provides better color playoff. While applying foundation or concealer as an alternative for the lip primer, try to use a make-up brush that will help with a precise application without creating creases. 

Underline the Lips before Application

Using lip liner to draw the edges becomes mandatory if you are applying liquid matte lipstick. Take the same colored lip pencil and underline the lips to give more definition. Simply glide on the outer corners and then start applying the lipstick for long lasting results.

Blot and Re-apply 

If you are worried about your lip color becoming cakey then don’t worry as it can be instantly fixed using tissue paper. Lipstick becoming flaky may happen because of dry lips and lack of moisture. You can easily avoid it by blotting the lips using tissue. Once you are done applying the lip color, take tissue paper, place it between your lips and wipe out any excess product. This will keep the color long-lasting and avoid smudging. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Matte Lipstick

  • Finding one that suits your lip tone can be a little overwhelming. And for choosing the lip color, know your skin tone and then choose the right lip color. 
  • Matte lipsticks are highly-pigmented and that’s why you don’t need to apply layer after layer to achieve that dark shade. Simply swipe the lipstick on the lips once and you are good to go. 
  • To avoid your lipstick from feathering, it is recommended to apply lip liner. Using the lip liner on the outer edges of both lips helps to keep the lipstick in place throughout the day. 
  • At times we end up messing up while outlining the lips. And to avoid this, conceal the edges for seamless application of lipstick, extra crispiness and pop of color.
  • After the final application, don’t forget to clean the lip area with an earbud dipped in liquid make-up remover. This will give a neat look to your lips. 

And that’s all! What more do you want to amp up your lip game? 

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