July 14, 2024
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How to Use Videos Effectively to Promote Your Social Media Posts

Using videos for social media marketing is one of the best ways to garner attention and reach your audience.

But creating a video is more challenging than writing a post or a blog online though it is highly beneficial. Listed below are a few ways to use social media videos to promote your posts online.

Optimise the Content for Target Audience

According to Forbes, by 2025, more than 4.41 billion people worldwide will be using various social media platforms.

Most of the users on social media prefer watching a video over reading a blog. This is one of the main reasons to use social media videos.

Social media videos give companies an upper hand in the digital marketing world. Further, videos that are optimised for mobile devices will get more views and comments. An exciting video will always attract attention and thus generate profits.

Use Thumbnails

It is widely believed that the first impression is the last. A video thumbnail gives a chance to create the first compelling image in your viewer’s mind. It is a photo that acts as a preview of your social media video.

Great video content should have the appropriate thumbnail to attract attention and get people to click and watch the video.

Focus on Search Engine Optimisation

Google search engine optimisation (SEO) tools play a vital role in using videos to promote your social media posts. Social media channels will only list the top ten videos related to a specific topic. 

Before you make a video, you should have a set of goals in mind and work accordingly. Your videos should be informative and purposeful. Adding compelling headlines and descriptions to your videos can help you to popularise them online. 

For example, using relevant hashtags and your videos on Twitter and Facebook can boost search results for your social media posts.

Choose the Autoplay Option

Most platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube offer the Autoplay Option for videos.

Autoplay allows your video to play while a user is scrolling through the page on relevant content or through their news feeds. It increases the chances of your videos getting viewed.

Use Subtitles for your Videos

While connecting with your audience, subtitles play an essential role in breaking language barriers. Reaching a greater number of people online is one of the main reasons for using social media videos. You can share a piece of interesting information with more people using relevant subtitles in your social media videos.

It also allows people with hearing disabilities to watch and connect with you through the video.

Go Live

Live streaming of videos gives you a chance to meet and discuss with a live audience. You can see their comments and reply to them simultaneously.

Once people start following you on social media, they will get automatic notifications on their phones the next time you go live.

Use the Right Video Editing Tools

Social media posts with interesting videos are always liked and followed by people. You should use the right video editing tools to be concise and make a mark in people’s minds. 

Videos help in connecting emotionally with people using social media platforms. Tapping the right emotions will help to drive people towards your brand or business. 

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