May 30, 2024
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How To Remove Tan With Face Scrub In Easy Steps

Summer is well underway, and my main skin concern is tanning. Skin tanning results from sun exposure and is practically impossible to avoid in the summer. Sunscreens are an effective way to shield skin from the sun’s damaging rays; however, even after using a high-quality sunscreen, some skin tanning may still occur. In addition, skin tanning is considerably more apparent when you return from a beach trip. 

Tanning causes the skin to become dark, lifeless, and dull, but these Indian Best Scrubs To Remove Sun Tan will help restore your skin’s healthy radiance. There are many efficient home remedies for removing tans, but if you are too busy to use them, these readily available sun tanning removal face scrubs can be your best option. 

7 Different Types Of Tan Removing Face Scrub

Face scrubs play an important role in removing tan. Few of the scrubs that helps to remove tan are mentioned below: 

1. Papaya Revitalizing Sun Tan Removal Scrub by Biotique

One of the least expensive and most potent bodies and face de-tanners is this. It is made entirely of papaya fruit and effectively exfoliates the skin. The Biotique scrub clears clogged pores and gets rid of dead skin. It can be used to treat ingrown hair follicles and is suitable for all skin types. The best thing about Biotique as a company is that they create skin-friendly products using herbs and natural extracts.

2. Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia Salt Scrub by The Body Shop

A delightfully pampering body salt scrub made with butter from Africa that softens the skin. This scrub, based on African Tribal Spa Rituals, has excellent exfoliating qualities. Its extremely balanced consistency lightens the heaviness brought on by a sun tan. Additionally, it brightens the skin by removing dead skin cells and delicately removing tanning. Additionally moisturizing, the Ximenia salt scrub leaves skin feeling supple and smooth. This is the greatest body scrub for tan removal and smooth skin if money is not an issue.

3. Face Scrub Ubtan De-Tan Radiance by Lotus Botanicals

Ubtan is a traditional skincare product from ancient India loaded with natural components that help brighten dull skin, reduce sun damage, and leave skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

One of the greatest face scrubs is our De-Tan Face Scrub, which contains potent ingredients like rose, turmeric, chickpea powder, sandalwood, and 24k Gold. Gently exfoliates impurities and dead skin cells to preserve vibrant, supple skin with a bright skin tone. In addition, the exfoliant in this face scrub aids in reducing cellulite and leaving the skin feeling nourished. Again, modern science and nature have perfectly merged here.

4. Cane sugar and tamarind body scrub by Forest Essentials

This incredible body scrub combines fresh cane sugar, pure cold-pressed oils from almonds and apricots, and mineral-rich sea salt from the Keralan shores. It is a rough body scrub made of sugar that leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft. It removes all the dead skin cells and ingrown hairs, leaving it sparkling and shining. This scrub is a fantastic way to polish and exfoliate the skin while deeply hydrating and repairing it. One of the top body scrubs available in India, bar none!

5. St. Ives Fresh Skin Refreshing Apricot Scrub

St. Ives products employ powerful natural ingredients for skin that looks younger and more refreshed. It not only makes your skin look and feels better, but it also improves your complexion. The scrub gently exfoliates away the tan to reveal radiant skin. It is one of India’s most well-liked body, face, and hand cleansers for removing tan.

6. Coffee Neroli Body Scrub by Fabindia

This scrub removes tan and thoroughly washes the skin, leaving it fair and glowing. It is loaded with the benefits of coffee, which gently exfoliates dead skin cells and eliminates pollutants. This delightful coffee scrub from Fabindia polishes and softens the skin, assisting in its restoration and maintenance of a healthy, bright glow. It can be applied once a week to get clear, smooth skin.

7. D Tan Inveda Scrub

The anti-oxidants, Vitamin E, and essential amino acids in this ayurvedic scrub do wonders for the skin by removing dead skin cells. As a result, your skin feels relaxed, cosy, and revitalized as all impurities are removed—one of the best body and face cleansers for glowing skin and tan removal. The scrub is appropriate for all ages because it is a natural product. It leaves your skin hydrated, more radiant, and works better than it smells.

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