How to Choose the Best Keynote Speaker for Your Event

If you want your event to be remembered, make it emotional.

Experiences filled with emotion, such as inspiration or surprise, are more likely to be vividly remembered and for much longer than boring or neutral ones.

One way to create a moving and memorable event is to choose an inspirational speaker that will wow your audience. Use these tips when selecting a keynote speaker for your next event.

Choose Speakers With a Clear Message

The best keynote speaker for another event may not be right for your event.

What matters is that they have a clear, defined message that matches the goals you have for your event. They should be able to speak about a topic that they’re passionate about, offering memorable takeaways for the entire audience.

Know the purpose of your event, and choose a speaker that is well-versed in that goal or topic. For example, Risha Grant focuses her talks on diversity and inclusion, speaking from first-hand experience. Learn more about how she engages audiences here.

Storytelling Sells

A boring keynote speaker who rambles about facts and statistics is unlikely to be remembered once your event is over. But a high-quality speaker will understand the importance of storytelling to captivate an audience.

Look for a public speaker with a rich story to tell. They should have unique, yet relatable, experiences and lessons to share that will keep the audience hooked and wanting more.

Even if someone is an expert in their field, their knowledge means little without engaging stories to back it up.

Know Your Audience

Whether putting together a company event or a casual seminar, it’s important to keep your audience in mind when choosing keynote speakers.

A speaker that isn’t relevant to the needs and interests of your event participants will be forgotten at best and detested at worst. Make sure the speaker’s voice and message align with the audience, while also offering some original and inspiring lessons they may have never heard.

And remember power dynamics and issues like racism or sexism. For example, an event that aims to empower women to pursue business shouldn’t have an all-male lineup of speakers.

Don’t Sacrifice Professionalism

Someone who is charismatic or funny might not always be the right fit for your event, especially if they lack professionalism.

Keynote speakers aren’t just entertainers. They play a vital role in the success of your event.

To avoid snafus on the big day, choose a speaker who is reliable, professional, and flexible. Check reviews and ratings online to make sure they’re the right fit for you and your needs.

Leave a Lasting Impression With the Best Keynote Speaker

To have an inspiring and memorable event, the right keynote speaker is essential. Keep these points in mind when choosing a speaker for your event, and create memories your audience will never forget.

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