July 19, 2024


Certified SAFe Agilist is responsible for managing various business operations. Successful adoption and integration of SAFe Agile principles and policies can all be made possible through the services delivered by a successful and certified SAFe Agilist. Managing business operations and handling complex projects with greater efficiency and skill is also the responsibility of a SAFe-certified individual. They are various specialized courses that an individual can take up for becoming a certified SAFe Agilist. Proper training and completion of a dedicated SAFe Agile exam are essential for obtaining the certification. We have listed dedicated steps that an individual has to follow for obtaining SAFe Agile certification. These are as follows:

1. Opting for a professional SAFe Agile certification course:

Individuals first have to select the best SAFe Agile course consisting of the best learning plans and course material so that they may require for obtaining the necessary guidance. Both theoretical and practical level aspects are covered through the SAFe Agile certification course. They are specialized institutes and even online websites that make available courses that an individual can opt for. Consisting of well-structured course material, individuals can obtain all the necessary guidance and support services that they may require for completing the SAFe Agile exam.

2. Necessary experience and expertise:

Apart from dedicated courses, one has to fulfill certain prerequisites as well. Individuals who wish to obtain SAFe Agile certification must possess more than five years of experience in various fields like project management, software development, and business analysis. Proper experience and knowledge in scrum are also essential.

3. Completion of the SAFe Agile certification exam:

After an individual has opted for a particular SAFe Agile course, one is required to complete the dedicated SAFe Agile certification exam as well. An individual has to appear for a multiple choice No gas exam consisting of 45 questions. Out of the total 45 questions, 35 questions must be correct which must be completed in 90 minutes. Completion and passing of the exam are essential for obtaining SAFe Agile certification.

Apart from the dedicated steps mentioned above, regular practice and solving past year’s papers are also necessary. Joining a dedicated online course and opting for the services of a certified institute that can make available all the necessary guidance and support solutions can prove beneficial for an individual. SAFe Agilist Certification can offer immense and better job opportunities to individuals. One year of membership to the SAFe Agilist community platform is also obtained which serves as a benefit for individuals who wish to obtain networking opportunities. 


Online teaching and courses serve as the most reliable means for obtaining the necessary training and guiding services. Online courses serve as a fruitful way for individuals who wish to obtain SAFe Agilist certification with complete ease and efficiency. Proper training, completion of all the necessary prerequisites, and clearing the SAFe Agilist certification exam are all essential for becoming a certified SAFe Agilist, possessing all the necessary skills and abilities for handling business operations.

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