Exam Strategies for FE Exam Preparation

As every engineer has to give the exam of FE to get the license of a professional engineer. This is one of the toughest exams, but after clearing the exam, a person will be getting many new opportunities to work. The engineer must know many things, and in this study course, the person will know about them as it is much difficult to pass this exam, but if you have made your mind to clear the exam, you can do it. There are some of the tips given for Fe preparation in the following to achieve wonderful marks in the examination.

Try to read and understand each line.

Often it has been seen that many students get fail by 1-2 marks. As they look at long question and answer, but they left the short one for the day before the examination. Try to avoid those techniques. As you don’t know which question may come in your exam, try to remember everything. There are lots of points to remember, short notes and important points written in a small box on the left or right side of the page, try to remember them.  As there are many difficult questions present in the book, try to solve them or get to your faculty, they will help you solve the question.

Avoid electronic gadgets

As many students use mobile phone, laptops, and other electronic devices, they are the only reason students cannot focus on their studies. Students say that these devices are used for study purposes, but somehow they distract them from studying. Students state that playing games makes their minds fresh and gives them the strength to study more, but it does not happen in reality. Try to avoid electronic gadgets while you are studying and try to use them minimally.


For students, there must be a diet plan, and they should regularly follow that. It is important to clear the exam so that student must be fit mentally as well as physically.  As many doctors prescribe diet plan, which results in a good impact, students can easily solve questions or remember the tough theories. Parents should take care of their children as their child is doing one of the toughest exams, so he must be prepared.  Try to avoid junk foods as they are made with low-quality food items, which impacts the body for which you may fall ill or sick.

Solve logical question

Try to solve the difficult question from your study materials, additional reference books or other books as you should not expect that you will be getting an easy question in your examination. For Fe preparation, you should focus on the logical and difficult ones more. There are lots of question in the book, and it is not possible to solve all the question, so try to solve the difficult ones at first. Try to find out your own trick to solve the question as you should not depend on the book illustration.  Many answers which are present in the book are wrong some of the time.

Tricks for the hard question

As you are doing Fe preparation,you should focus on how to deal with the difficult ones. You may get options for the difficult questions. So try to solve the easy one, which will take less time, so that you can solve the other one the rest of the time.  If you doubt the question, try to avoid the question and move forward with the other one. Try to practice the hard question in your home as in some cases; it has been observed that the exact question comes in the examination.

Practising question and maintaining the handwriting

It is very much important to write in neat and good handwriting. As there are many students who will appear in the examination and for every teacher, it is not possible to check all the answers perfectly. So most of the time, teacher’s check the final answer and put a mark against that. So try to write in good handwriting that will create a good impression for the examiner.  You should practice question and answers at your home so that you can write speed with that you can maintain a neat answer sheet.

Old question paper

Try to get the old question paper from your elders. After getting them to try to solve them, you will get an idea of how to solve the questions in the examination. It will create a habit for the examinee so that he can answer the exam very confidently.

So these are some of the tips for appearing in the Fe Exam; try to follow up all of them to clear the exam with wonderful results.

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