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Do you need a Website Designer or a Website Developer?

If you are looking at what your options are for website design Brick or elsewhere you have likely come across the terms Web Developer, and Web Designer. Here is a look at what each role is and how they approach website building differently.

How a website designer approaches the job

A website designer uses their creativity and skills to create a site that is visually appealing. They certain tools and software including but not limited to InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. They follow set principles in order to create the website such as:

  1. Knowing what goals the website owner has and knowing who it is for, what is the target market, and what is the purpose of the site?
  2. Creating visual elements, thinking about what colors are suitable to use and how they influence people, ensuring the client is happy with the theme of the website design Howell.
  3. Using images that enhance the feel of the site and are appropriate to the goal of the site, they might be images from the client, taken online or custom created. Each image should have a purpose though, it is not just about filling space.
  4. Choosing typefaces that are right for the audience that will be reading them, fonts that people can read, that communicate clearly, using typefaces that portray the message in the best manner.
  5. Making sure everything is placed with thought and that the layout is well designed including things like spacing as well as the images and text.

When it comes to website design Brick with a website designer while the approach comes from a more creative side, it is not just about looking good. It is important to have a website that functions too and they will focus on that too. That includes scaling things to sizes that are okay, and trying to minimize things like loading times, as that can make users leave when it is not right.

How a website developer approaches the job

A developer comes at the job from a different approach. They start with the technical aspects of the job, how the website needs to work. Often with a website design service you might have a designer start the process and then a developer come in to finish it. They are also going to need to know what the website is for, what the goals of the client are. They yse programming languages like CSS, JavaScreipt, PHP, HTML, and more to code a website, make sure it is interactive so that when a visitor clicks on a button or link it responds. A developer makes sure things work client side as well as server side.


A website designer focuses on the graphical user interface, and the feel and look of the site. Developers make sure the website functions well and ensures it is something people can navigate through. Website design Howell when you want it to be done well involves both designer skills and developer skills. It is possible someone might have both talents and employs them to design sites, or you might find a website design service that uses one then the other. Whatever you choose is up to you!

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