4 Advantages of Hiring a Managed IT Service Provider

In a study conducted by Ultimate Software, more than 90% of respondents said that technology that improves the way they work also improves their job satisfaction.

That’s just a small indication of how significantly the IT solutions you use impact your employees. This is why it’s so important that your IT department is streamlined, efficient, and effective.

A managed IT service checks all of the above boxes. Switching to managed IT can improve productivity in your office, decrease infrastructure costs, free up your time to focus on your business, and keep data secure.

Thinking about making the switch? Read on to learn the 4 most important benefits of a managed IT service.

1. A Managed IT Service Improves Productivity

When your technology is aligned with your business and your processes, it reduces redundancies. Hiring a managed IT service also minimizes disruptions during the workday, which improves workflow. That means your employees can be more productive and perform their jobs with more efficiency.

Improved productivity also has an impact on customer service. With employees able to focus on their job and perform effectively, they’re better able to serve your clients. Improved customer satisfaction is beneficial to any business.

2. It Services Reduce Infrastructure Costs

When you hire an IT service provider, you reduce costs in two ways. First, you save costs on hardware. Second, you save on space.

Moving your IT into the hands of managed services means your data is stored in their data centers. That reduces the need for IT infrastructure and hardware as well as maintenance for those systems, which easily saves thousands of dollars. You’ll also free up the space where that infrastructure is stored.

3. Hire IT Services So You Can Focus On Your Business

IT services like those from Cyber Merced include everything from password and mobile device management to remote office support. They make sure system upgrades and back-ups are completed on schedule and they minimize downtime for IT issues and maintenance.

In all these ways and more, IT services save you time. You can invest that time and energy back into your business. You might start thinking about new revenue streams or product and service expansion to grow your business.

4. Managed IT Keeps Your Data Secure

Businesses large and small need to be concerned about security breaches. Indeed, last year 524 organizations from 17 different countries and in 17 different industries experienced data breaches.

If your IT system is compromised, it puts the personal data of clients, confidential information, and trade secrets at risk. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a managed IT service is that they have the expertise and software to keep your data safe.

More Tech for Your Business Success

A managed IT service improves productivity in your workplace and even reduces costs. Giving the responsibility of your IT to the professionals also frees up your time to focus on growing your business. Plus, a managed IT service provider is far better equipped to handle the security of personal and confidential data that you store.

Technology has a huge impact on your business and on your life. Be sure to check our Tech section regularly for the latest updates.