June 17, 2024

Create an Agency Pitch and Win Clients

An agency pitch, or agency pitch deck, is a presentation designed to showcase an agency’s services to potential clients. Marketing, public relations and advertising agencies create pitch decks to attract new clients. An agency pitch will contain information about the agency, including past successes and specific ways it proposes to help clients attain their business goals. The pitch may present ideas on how the agency can promote the potential client’s brand, products or services.

Research the potential client.

Start off by thoroughly researching the client and their business. Collect information about the business’s operations to help you personalise the pitch. Study their competitors so you can explain how the agency can help the client distinguish themselves in the marketplace.

Personalise your pitch.

Having researched the potential client, you will be able to use the information you find to create a pitch that focuses on their exact needs and preferences. Use all the information you have collected to design your pitch specifically for the client which will make it more successful.

Introduce yourself.

You can begin the pitch by introducing yourself and your team. Your agency pitch deck could include a brief history of the agency and a personal message as the agency’s representative. You can also include brief personal information of all colleagues who will be part of the proposed collaboration.

Explain your strategy.

Show the potential client you understand their needs by describing the actions your agency plans to take while you collaborate. Explain the results you intend to produce and show how they meet the client’s expectations. Outline how you intend to judge your campaign and how and when you will report to the client. You may also need to include details of your long-term marketing strategies.

Refer to past accomplishments.

You could include a section in the pitch that highlights your agency’s successes. The best way to do this is usually by presenting a case study of a client in a similar industry. Highlight the positive outcomes to show the potential client how your agency can help them. 

Allow time for questions.

You can use question time to cover any details that you didn’t include in your presentation. This is also an opportunity to engage the client and make them feel part of the process.

Why are agency pitches important?

Businesses often find it challenging to engage an agency to undertake their advertising and marketing, as the agency may be unfamiliar with the company’s culture. An effective pitch can convince a potential client of the agency’s adaptability. The aim of a pitch deck is to convince a prospective client to do business with your agency. You should try to convey your understanding of the client’s goals and challenges. You can show that the agency can create personalised campaigns and solve the client’s problems with effective marketing. You can indicate that you have the ability to market your client’s business and reach a broad customer base. Your pitch should explain how your agency can maintain their brand identity, increase its presence and streamline their marketing operations.

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