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A Study Guide for Salesforce CPQ Certification

Getting certified for the Salesforce CPQ is important if you want to be sure of what’s next. The CPQ was not present before, until the last year. It is now important to get Salesforce CPQ training so that you can become Salesforce certified CPQ specialist.

There are many ways and programs which can help you with Salesforce CPQ certification training. Salesforce CPQ training includes all the necessary steps. Those are essential to perform the related tasks. And it helps the users with the ordering and contracting procedures.

Today, we will discuss more the study guide for Salesforce CPQ certification. And will be able to learn how to become a Salesforce certified CPQ specialist.

Salesforce CPQ Certification: Things you need to know

To become a Salesforce certified CPQ specialist, you need to ace the exams for it. Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certificate Exam is what enables you to get the certification. It is for those people who know their abilities and want to reflect on them furthermore.

This exam is also best suitable for those people who have some experience in the field. And with that experience, they want to show more of their skills.  The exam for becoming Salesforce certified CPQ specialist is not difficult. You need to know the basics and the important parts. Rest, you can just read to memorize.

You can ace the exams if your Salesforce CPQ certification training is top-notch. The exam consists of the following pattern and questions.

  • 60 multiple-choice questions.
  • Limited time allotted for the exam, i.e., 105 minutes
  • Achieve at least 65% to pass.

Salesforce CPQ certification training

This program helps you to become a successful Salesforce certified CPQ specialist. It constitutes various programs. It helps you achieve the best ways of products sale. It also grooms you to become an expert in the related field.

The Salesforce CPQ training includes many different guides which support you. Some of the basic features for Salesforce CPQ training are mentioned below.

1.     Instructor available for hours

The most highlighting feature of this training program is the presence of the instructor. The instructor carries out live sessions and explains the details of everything.

2.     Self-training available

This program also allows you to perform self-training. Self-training helps you to groom yourself according to your ways. This feature is available for more than 30 hours.

3.     Project and assignment

The Salesforce CPQ training also gives you daily assignments and projects. They are important for you to work on them. It enables the candidates to showcase their Salesforce skills and experience. Assigning projects and assignments are a great way of learning and implementation skills.

4.     6 weeks of internship

The training program also offers their enrolled candidates 6 weeks of internship. This helps them polish their skills. Not only this, but it also helps in gaining some work experience. Since experience aids in learning and rectifying your mistakes.

After the training program, you can become Salesforce certified CPQ specialist. The certification is done by CL.


The above-specified points give a perfect guide for Salesforce CPQ certification. If you want to avail the numerous benefits of Salesforce CPQ, be mindful of getting a Salesforce CPQ certification from

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