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Salesforce CPQ – What, Why, and Benefits for Sales Representatives

In the present competitive era, sales representatives are mostly busy setting up quotes, working on proposals, and getting approvals. But the organization’s revenue expects them to be more involved in closing deals. This requires turning time-consuming sales processes into automated ones and letting sales representatives work more on sales growth. This is exactly where Salesforce CPQ comes into action. 

Salesforce CPQ is designed to streamline and automate most of the sales-associated processes so that sales representatives can work on productive things. To clear all your concepts about Salesforce CPQ, this blog presents an overview of Salesforce CPQ and some of its top-notch benefits. 

What exactly is Salesforce CPQ?

CPQ implies Configure, Price, and Quote. It helps organizations to set up the standardized sales process to turn it into an organized, fast, automated, and easy process. Salesforce CPQ is a user-friendly and feature-rich sales tool. It presents as an extension to the organization’s CRM platform. With Salesforce CPQ, sales representatives can get rid of doing time-consuming administrative tasks, while organizations can focus more on better response times, more sales win ratio and revenue growth.

Why Organizations are opting for CPQ Software?

Salesforce CPQ is gradually getting the attention of organizations and so does the demand for Salesforce CPQ certification. But many are still concerned that why Salesforce CPQ is even needed in the first place?

During the ending of any sales period, the sales representatives spend plenty of time working on spreadsheets and emails to review customer data, track sales, and develop comprehensive reports. But the competitive world expects them to work on the next sales deals, such as submitting proposals, working on service quality, setting up appointments, etc. With Salesforce CPQ, the life of sales representatives become easier, as the tool helps to configure products, price orders, and do quotes in a fast, reliable, and accurate way. In short, it improves the overall efficiency and productivity of the sales team by automating the complex sales process. 

Benefits associated with Salesforce CPQ

Now and then, every organization has to encourage the sales team to have Salesforce CPQ certification training and automate their time-consuming sales process. Salesforce CPQ has a lot to offer to organizations. Following are some of the key benefits associated with it:

  1. Eradicates errors in contracts and pricing.
  2. Quickly provides proposals and quotes.
  3. Boost sales process and increase accuracy.
  4. Reduces sales cycle.
  5. Identifies add-ons, specializations, and options to increment the deal size. 

Wrapping Up

Salesforce CPQ is not just for the sales team, but the above benefits are all contributing to have better sales and revenue growth for an organization. All it takes is proper Salesforce CPQ online training and getting Salesforce CPQ certification to configure CPQ rightfully. In a nutshell, Salesforce CPQ presents as a true companion for organizations, especially for sales representatives, and makes the sales process automated, efficient, and rewarding.

Ajay Yadav

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