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7 PDF Tools Every Student Should Know!

Ever since the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) emerged, every educational institution had transitioned through online learning modalities. As a result, every student had to have at least a handful of technical skills to keep up with the demands of online learning. Part of these demands is being able to maximize the tools available on the internet for their benefit.

Since all assignment submissions are done electronically through emails or portals, students often use Portable Document Format (PDF) to preserve the layout of their work. Thus, they also have to be familiar with the PDF tools they can use to submit their work in the most convenient and efficient ways. If you are interested to know these tools, just keep on reading because we will show you the 7 tools that are beneficial in this online learning setup.

Add Page Numbers Tool

PDFs cannot be edited right away. You would need to convert your PDF files to Word files before being able to insert a page number. But, knowing that students always have to reach deadlines, this manual and daunting process can be time-consuming. It is also not efficient, convenient, and quick. So the fastest way that you can do to add page numbers to PDF is by simply using the Add Page Numbers tool of PDFBear. This tool will allow you to insert pages into PDF without resorting to the manual way. All you have to do is to familiarize yourself with their self-explanatory interface, and you are good to go! If you do not know yet, PDFBear is an online website that offers free PDF tools for every PDF needs. Anyone can access and enjoy their services without any fee. 

Compress PDF

This tool from the same website will also make your student work hassle-free. Since most of your assignments require to have many pictures and other graphics, it will be huge in file size. In consequence, you will have a hard time sending it right away to your professors. It is because huge file sizes are not email-ready. So if you want to save time, you can easily reduce its file size using the compress PDF tool. Do not worry because PDFBear will do all the work for you!

Delete PDF Pages tool

Sometimes, students also need to delete PDF pages from their homework as much as possible. To do that manually, they also would have to convert it first to Word. After that, they will arrange, modify, and delete the pages they wanted to eradicate. The good news is that this daunting process can be avoided by simply using the delete PDF pages tool. You just have to upload it on the PDFBear server, choose the page that you wanted to delete, and generate the new PDF file. Quick and easy!

Repair PDF tool

Even though PDF has the most secured layout and format, some malware on the internet can still attack your file. As a result, it will most likely be damaged. Some students even panic because they do not want to lose the fruit of their hard work just because of those unwanted instances. So this tool is a game-changer. Using the PDFBear’s repair PDF tool, the contents of the PDF file can easily be retrieved. You will not have to repeat all the work you have invested in that paper. Do not forget to share this tool with your friends! They might have needed this the most!

Merge PDF Tool

Most students have to submit multiple PDFs in one email. Instead of submitting that PDF chapter by chapter or one by one, it is more convenient to merge those files into one neat PDF file. To do that, you simply need to upload multiple PDF files on PDFBear’s merge PDF tool and it will automatically give you what you need. The good thing is, it will still retain its quality and it will have a smaller file size.

eSign PDF Tool

If your professor requires you to sign a PDF file, the manual way to do that is by converting it to a Word file and inserting your signature. After that, you will have to reconvert it again to PDF. The PDFBear eSign PDF tool will allow you to sign the file without doing much too much work. You may electronically sign the file and generate a signed PDF file right away. If you are worrying that your signature or your confidential information will be leaked, do not worry at all! PDFBear ensures the privacy of their clients by promising to automatically delete all files uploaded to their server after an hour.

Edit PDF Tool

If you still want to modify or add something to your file but do not want to spend more time doing that in a Word file, the PDFBear’s edit PDF tool will surely help! You can add text, shapes, images, and annotations quickly and easily! This is perfect for those who are in a rush preparing for a presentation or reaching a deadline. It is also helpful for those who want to make the last touches to their homework but do not want to repeat all the Word to the PDF conversion process. As per the famous quote, “Time is gold”. Do not waste it on unnecessary miscellaneous works!

In a Nutshell

To keep up with the demands of the online learning setup, every student should equip themselves with the necessary skills. Part of those skills is being able to maximize the tools to make their work hassle-free. To do that, they should also familiarize themselves with different PDF tools. PDFBear’s add page number, compress PDF, delete PDF pages, repair PDF, merge PDF, eSign PDF, and edit PDF tool will surely give them a favor! Make sure to check PDFBear’s website and get to engage with all their free PDF tools. Do not forget to share it with your friends and classmates to help them have an easier time coping up with their studies!

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