7 iPad Pro Accessories You Should Try

This year, Apple still dominates the tablet market, holding onto more than 30% of the market. If you’re an iPad user, you know the power of this device and how much you can do on it. 

But what makes it even more incredible is all the different iPad Pro accessories you can purchase to go with it. Yet, you may have noticed there are endless options to choose from. Which accessories enhance the iPad Pro, and which ones aren’t worth the money? Also, IPaid is best suited for playing ps4 games, as it doesn’t hang and give a smooth experience.

Let’s dive into our seven top accessories to try!

1. Apple Pencil 

The Apple Pencil is easily one of the most helpful iPad accessories. The Pencil glides across the glass display with an undetectable delay. If you press down harder, the lines get thicker. It also has tilt sensitivity.

The Pencil has several uses with different objectives. Even if you only use the Pencil to click around, it makes everything easier. The iPadOS has handwriting support in search fields, so you don’t need to switch to the keyboard to type.

Yet, you can also use the Pencil for note-taking, drawing, and marking. Note-taking and marking are seamless. Plus, you can export and share your notes with others. 

The iPad supports many drawing apps for artists and creatives. The Pencil creates an entirely new experience for creating digital art. Not to mention, you can change the setting to use different pencil and brush strokes to get the perfect line. 

The second-generation Pencil magnetically sticks to the side of the iPad and wirelessly charges. 

2. iPad Cases, Mounts, and Stands

There are thousands of cases, mounts, and stands available for iPad Pros. However, no matter what you choose, consider spending a bit more for durability and better quality. You will find many cheap options available, but those won’t last long. 

Next, you need to think about how you use your iPad and where you take it with you. For example, if you have an Apple Pencil, you need a case with a Pencil slot.

Those that use their iPad for business should consider an iPad briefcase. The best iPad Pro briefcase is small enough not to be heavy but big enough to carry all the essentials. This includes the iPad, keyboard, Pencil, and some other items like business pamphlets, credit cards, and more.

If you use your iPad Pro as a computer, having a good mount or stand will help boost productivity. You don’t want to be starring down at your lap or table all day.

For artists, you may consider a low stand to draw and swivel the iPad as you work. Or, you may want a higher mount to teach lessons and view web content. 

There is something out there for everyone in iPad Pro accessories that you can integrate into your style.

3. Keyboard, Mouse, and Trackpad

Depending on what you use your iPad Pro for, you want to think about getting a keyboard, mouse, trackpad, or some combination of these. An iPad with accessories is often still lighter to carry around than a laptop.

If you are a writer or send many emails, a small keyboard is a great iPad Pro accessory for you. For people who want the comfort of using a mouse or trackpad, both are available too. With the iPad Pro, you can customize the computer setup that works for you. 

4. Charging Accessories 

In an age where electronic devices travel with us everywhere, having durable and portable charging accessories is necessary. This includes cables, wall plugs, and battery packs. Whether you use the iPad for business or leisure, running out of battery stinks. 

Don’t let it happen to you! You can buy a few extra cables and wall plugs for day-to-day use.

Take a portable charger when you know you will be out of the home or office for a while. This way, you will never find yourself without battery power when you’re away from a charging place. 

5. Apple AirPods Pro

The Apple AirPods Pro are a game-changer. They offer a wireless charging case, noise cancellation, and a snug fit. Even though they are pricey, they are worth the investment. They are easy to carry around and use on the go. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to music, working, watching videos, or anything else! They block out the rest of the world and create a unique listening experience. They are also compatible with iPhone and Apple computers. So you can use them across all your devices. 

For any non-Apple devices, you can also pair AirPods Pro using a Bluetooth connection. 

6. Screen Protector

Even though the iPad display is hardened glass, the screen can still experience scratches. While iPads don’t have as much direct contact with things like the keys in your pockets, it’s still easy for your iPad to get scratches. This is especially true if you don’t have a case or cover for your iPad. 

A screen protector will ensure your screen doesn’t get any scratches and keep the iPad in like-new condition. If you use the Apple Pencil often, the screen won’t interfere with its use either. The application will remain seamless! A screen protector is an inexpensive way to keep your iPad looking shiny and new.

Those with heavy iPad use benefit from this small protection. 

7. Flash Drive or Portable Storage

If you find yourself with not enough storage on your iPad, opt for a portable storage option. The options available are small and easy to carry with you. Plus, portable storage is less expensive than buying a new iPad Pro with more storage.

Purchasing additional storage that connects to your iPad Pro will save you a lot of money for those on a budget.  

Starting Trying These iPad Pro Accessories

With so many iPad Pro accessories available, it isn’t apparent which to buy. So don’t forget to think about how you use your iPad to make intelligent purchasing decisions. 

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