5 Unique Ways to Improve Employee Wellness

Focusing on employee health and wellness will help you build a workplace that people will want to show up to every day. The average worker takes at least 5 sick days off in the United States

If you want to impart some employee health and wellness goodwill, start planning out ways that you can improve employee wellness. So what should you include in your plan? We’ll gladly explain.

The tips below will help you create an environment that supports employee wellness in your workplace.

1. Keep Water in Full Supply

People dealing with even mild dehydration may notice brain fog and hindered mental performance. Prevent any health or comfort setbacks by keeping water handy at all times.

Staying hydrated is part of worksite wellness, and should be part of your wellness program. Keep all of your water coolers stocked so that your employees can give their brain the electrochemical boost it needs to have energy and cognitive alertness throughout the workday.

2. Create a Safe Workplace Environment

A clean and organized work environment is a healthy one. Hire the help of a janitorial services company that can disinfect your office of any bacteria that might cause viruses.

Keep your bathrooms and office kitchen stocked with hand soap and make sure hand sanitizer stations are always within arms’ reach. Set policies in your office that are in line with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Install plenty of high-powered light-emitting diode (LED) lights to increase visibility and avoid accidents.

3. Add Some Plants to the Workplace

Nothing brings fresh oxygen and serenity to your workplace like live plants. Consider some office plants that freshen the area and beautify the office, such as:

  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Succulents
  • Sansevieria
  • African violet
  • Aloe
  • Snake plant
  • English Ivy

You can find more interior plants here that will be great for your office. Put the time into regularly watering your plants and giving them natural sunlight so that they can blossom and flourish.

4. Let in Some Natural Lighting

Exposing your workplace to natural lighting is great for everyone’s mental health and well-being. The sun’s rays produce natural endorphins in your body that can improve mood and lessen anxiety.

Install brand new large windows in your office or invest in a skylight installation that will brighten things up.

5. Make Your Lunches Healthy

Office food usually involves some mix of cupcakes, chips, cookies, and other unhealthy items. Anytime you’re having food in the office, make sure that it’s healthy and packed with vital nutrients.

Consider catered lunches from restaurants that serve food that is organic and delicious.

In the meantime, encourage workplace wellness activities, like yoga or going for walks. You might even consider installing some gym equipment in the office so that employees can get a workout before or after the opening of business.

Focus on Employee Wellness in the Workplace

Employee wellness should be a top priority no matter what industry you work in. With the tips presented, you’ll have no issue keeping your office culture healthy and practical.

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