5 Chic Outfits to Elevate Your Winter Style

As we near those days where our warm throws, a cup of coffee and uninterrupted solitude is all we seek, sharp temperature drops also mean bringing out your best (and cosiest) winter styles out to play. 

During (most) mornings we won’t be able to pull ourselves out of the shell and comfort of our super-soft and warm blankets, but when we do, we dress to make the gloomy mornings a whole lot brighter. Which is why, 2022’s winter styles and trends promise to go big on bubbly hues, avant-garde styles and just the overall declaration that winter dressing can and must be happy. 

So, when it comes to women’s winter wear in the present year, the theme is more-is-more. We’re asking you to look towards chic yet cosy co-ords, chunky scarves, and experimental boots. Here’s a roundup of must-have winter styles that you can bring the heat with as the days get colder! 

1. Emerald Crew Neck Sweater 

Winter nights are always magical —- think moody outdoor dinners, serene garden parties and elegant wine and cheese catchups. When those nights come in, stay one with the mood with intense-hued sweaters in interesting patterns. Like, our Emerald Green Crew Neck Sweater that brings with it a very stunning geometric pattern. It’s perfect for sophisticated winter nights for when you want to go chic but don’t want to compromise on comfort and warmth. 

2. Cream Ribbed Set

Well sticking to the classics — neutral coloured winter tops and winter dresses are usually everyone’s comfort corner, but a little experimentation here and there never hurt anybody. Elevate winter wear basics with our elegant (and oh so soft to touch and feel) Cream Ribbed Set. Here’s how: paired with a complementing polo neck, accessorized with a contrasting scarf, and accompanied by an extremely interesting book. 

3. Violet Cable Knit Sweater

Who says winter outfits have to match the gloom? Ride the high-octane wave of dopamine dressing by opting for our vivacious and cheerful-all-over Purple Cable Knit Set! It’s perfect for a cosy indoor coffee date, but it even works amazingly well when layered with snazzy boots and a contrasting jacket for when you’re on your way to a romantic candlelight dinner date at a hip bistro in the city.

4. Emerald Colour Block Cardigan


When in doubt, colour-block-it-out. Ditch your usual neutral-hued cardigan for its fun older sibling – our green and beige colour block sweater, perfect to layer with crisp white shirts and smart trenches, or to wear it over a sweet slip dress, some stockings, fuzzy boots and socks for a casual weekend chill session

5. Cobalt Cable Neck Sweater & Coffee Midi Skirt

Working during the season of chills requires its own set of multiple motivational speeches. Who would want to quit the softness and fluffiness of their bed to devote their time to a day full of emails, meetings and activities that require you to leave your bed. But…who is to say you can’t have the best of both worlds? Pick our lovely-to-look-at and soft-to-the-touch Cobalt Cable Neck Sweater to give you the boost of energy to get out of bed and onto your desk, but cosy enough to make you feel like you never left your bed. Pair it with an even more restful Coffee Knit Midi Skirt to keep the warmth strong through the hours. 

With winter round around the corner, don’t yet again drown yourself under many layers of safe monotones, but step up to the cold with something tres chic. Treat yourself to an array of sophisticated yet playful knits, sweaters, skirts, boots, jackets and accessories to beat the gloom with style. Our picks can help you achieve this just fine. Happy Cosy Season! 
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