July 23, 2024

Amplifying Your Winter Wardrobe: Top Styles to Embrace for the Cold Season

As the chill in the air intensifies, our yearning for the comfort of a cosy blanket, a steaming cup of chai, and peaceful solitude intensifies. But winter isn’t merely about snuggling up indoors. It’s also an opportune time to flaunt your winter fashion game. After all, there’s a unique thrill in transforming gloomy mornings with striking attire, isn’t there?

For the winter of 2022, the fashion trend suggests a jovial approach with vibrant hues, innovative styles, and an enthusiastic assertion that winter dressing can indeed be delightful. Women’s winter wear is embracing the ‘more-is-more’ theme, featuring chic co-ords, oversized scarves, and audacious boots. Here are the top winter styles to add some warmth to the frosty days.

1. Emerald Crew Neck Sweater 

Winter nights often carry a magical aura— quiet outdoor gatherings, tranquil garden parties, and sophisticated wine and cheese soirees. Remain in sync with this enchanting atmosphere with the Emerald Green Crew Neck Sweater, bearing a striking geometric pattern. It’s the ideal choice for those classy winter evenings when you aim for style without compromising on warmth.

2. Cream Ribbed Set

Neutral-colored winter attire is a classic staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe. But a dash of experimentation can bring a twist to the routine. Our Cream Ribbed Set is the perfect blend of elegance and comfort. Pair it with a matching polo neck, accessorize with a contrasting scarf, and embrace the chilly afternoon with a captivating book.

3. Violet Cable Knit Sweater

Contrary to popular belief, winter outfits don’t have to mirror the gloom of the season. Embrace the joy of ‘dopamine dressing’ with our bright and cheerful Purple Cable Knit Set. It’s the perfect ensemble for a cosy indoor coffee date or a romantic candlelight dinner in a chic city bistro, especially when layered with snazzy boots and a contrasting jacket.

4. Emerald Colour Block Cardigan


When in doubt, rely on color blocking. Swap your usual neutral-toned cardigan for our vivacious green and beige color-blocked sweater. Ideal for layering with crisp white shirts and sleek trenches, it’s equally suitable for a casual weekend hangout over a slip dress, stockings, fuzzy boots, and socks.

5. Cobalt Cable Neck Sweater & Coffee Midi Skirt

Winter workdays require an extra dose of motivation. Who wouldn’t prefer the comfort of their bed over a day filled with emails and meetings? Our Cobalt Cable Neck Sweater offers a balance— it provides the cosy comfort of your bed and the energy boost required to face the day. Pair it with the equally warm and stylish Coffee Knit Midi Skirt for an effortlessly chic workday look.

As winter approaches, don’t succumb to the monotony of multiple layers. Instead, embrace the season with flamboyant, chic winter wear. Indulge in a mix of stylish yet comfortable knits, sweaters, skirts, boots, jackets, and accessories to counter the winter gloom. The styles listed above are perfect to get you started on this fashionable journey. So, gear up for a stylish, cosy season!

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