Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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4 Benefits of Using Video for Employee Training and Development

Did you know that people are more likely to retain information if it’s presented to them repeatedly over time? The unfortunate thing about employee training, however, is that you usually only have a few days (if that!) to help people learn everything they need to start out in their job. 

Making sure that employees are engaged during the training process is important because engaged people are more likely to remember what they learn.

However, that’s not always easy to do, especially if there is a lot of information being thrown at them at once. And, if you’re not able to give them the information multiple times, it can be even harder to make sure those retention rates are high. 

Are you trying to make your employee training process better than ever before? Video presentations may be part of the answer you need! 

Keep reading to learn about 4 benefits you’ll experience when you use video.

1. More Flexibility

Videos can be used for:

  • Demonstrating how to do something
  • Explaining how something works
  • Teaching an important skill
  • General professional development

The reason that videos are so useful during the onboarding or general training processes is that they are versatile.

You can almost always figure out a way to tell the story you’re trying to tell with video, and it’s often much more interesting to watch than just hearing someone talk about it at the front of the room. 

2. Access to More Resources

Even if the people doing the training aren’t necessarily experts in the field, you can find people that can be recorded through video that are! This means that you have more opportunities to provide your employees with the right information no matter who is doing your training.

You also can provide more insight into different topics for a more generally effective process to help increase engagement. Video production services are available to help you with this kind of task. 

3. More Measurable Results

Depending on how you conduct your employee training process, you might be able to track how engaging a video really is.

If you have new hires watch videos at home before they start on their first day, for example, you can use the video hosting provider to look at metrics. Some of the metrics to watch include whether the video was watched all the way through or if it was viewed more than one time.

4. Equal Experiences

When you’re using video to help teach your new employees, that video will be the same every time you have a training session. This means that the new hires you work with on Monday are going to have the exact same experience as the new hires that you start with on Wednesday.

In order to reduce the number of variables that can impact how engaging the onboarding process is, you can use video and other visuals that will have the same impact each time. 

Amplify Your Employee Training With Video Technology

If you want to ensure that your employee training is effective, videos are a great way to engage your audience and provide information all at the same time.

Consider updating your employee training methods today to get the most out of this crucial time! 

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