3 Tips for Using Music and Video Distribution Services

In 2015, digital distribution surpassed sales of physical CDs and now digital music outsells its physical counterpart by $10.4 billion. But, still, we see CDs sold in stores worldwide. So, what is your best option for music distribution?

You might be tempted to produce and sell your goods yourself- for example, by selling them at shows or on eBay—but then you may be losing out on the opportunity to use distribution services that can get your products in front of far more customers than you could reach yourself.

Use these three tips to help decide whether using music and video distribution services is right for you and how to make the most of them if you do decide to use them. 

1 – Digital CDs

Bulk CDs can be a great distribution service, but don’t distribute your music on CD without a barcode. If you are trying to sell your digital music only, do not include a CD with your download. A CD is an outdated product that will only cause confusion in today’s digital marketplace.

Digital downloads are becoming more popular and attractive than physical products. The convenience of digital downloads makes them popular, even among customers who prefer physical products. But, some people will still purchase them to collect while using a digital download to listen. 

2 – Bulk CDs

If you’re distributing digital music, you should also consider mass-producing CDs that you can sell through your store or website. Digital music distribution services are great, but they don’t provide musicians with a physical way to distribute their work.

Physical CDs don’t have some of the benefits that digital downloads do—you can’t sell MP3s directly from your own site, for example—but bulk CD production is an easy way to add another revenue stream. Not only will bulk CDs increase your profit margin, but if you plan on going on tour, you’ll be able to bring copies of your album along with you.

If you’re interested in increasing your reach with bulk CDs, click for cd duplication services.

3 – Music Distribution Services

It’s important to find a good distribution service that can get your music out to retail stores. Look for one that sends bulk CDs (not vinyl) in standard plastic jewel cases. This is how big-box stores like Target and Best Buy, as well as indie stores like Amoeba Music in San Francisco, distribute CDs.

If you plan on getting into iTunes or streaming services like Spotify, make sure your release includes either an MP3 or WAV file; most digital distributors accept those. When shopping around for a distributor, ask them if they’ll send your album to Apple/iTunes and other online retailers. Some will charge extra for it, but it’s worth checking with them first before going with another company.

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