May 30, 2024

Woven Shorts your Perfect Partner for Summer Wear

Summer, which comes after spring and before autumn, is the hottest season of the four seasons during the year. Warm or hot weather is typically linked with this season. We typically dress in cotton items of light colour during the summer because we sweat a lot due to the heat. Cotton is an effective water absorbent. Wearing cotton shorts during the summer season is your best decision. 

It doesn’t spread the summer feeling across until people start wearing shorts and a cool t-shirt. Summer just doesn’t feel right without a fabulous pair of woven shorts. The scorching heat takes out all your energy so you try to wear the lightest of clothes that will make you feel cool yet look stylish. And the only item that can provide you with any cooling in the summer is mens summer shorts. 

Going for a beach party? A long walk along the road? Casual outing with friends? Simply put on a pair of mens fashion shorts from Thisiskra and you will be all set for it. It’s a common misconception among guys that shorts are only appropriate for wearing at home, but this is not true at all. If you style it your best way then even shorts can compete with your favourite suit to make you look your the best.

At Thisiskra you can find the best collection of shorts for men online. Feel comfortable all day long with KRA’s cotton shorts. Not only do these shorts provide you flexibility and comfort but they also ensure to make you look handsome. Shop for cotton shorts for men online at the ease of your home only at Thisiskra. These summer cotton shorts are must have addition to your wardrobe. Check out a few of our products:

  1. Summer Essential Olive Woven Shorts: These olive green coloured shorts are ideal for a quick run or gym session. Dont waste another second on guessing about its comfort, they are completely cool and will make you feel your best with them. Pair it with a cool t-shirt and your favourite shoes and you are all ready. 
  2. Skate Scoot Drip Green Washed Out Lounge Shorts: A pair of stretchy, breathable knit shorts are ideal for playing video games with your buddies or spending the day in bed. For a stylish and relaxed style, team these mint green KRA shorts with KRA singlets or oversized t-shirts. With two pockets on the side and one at the back, you can carry around everything else you need with these shorts. 
  3. Dope Dunk Relaxed Ash Grey Lounge Shorts: Feeling all lazy? Our cotton grey lounge shorts are the perfect accompaniment to your all bed day. You can also wear these shorts to a favourite sports session during the summer. It will provide you with complete comfort, allowing you to play your best game. 

Men’s shorts are quickly becoming accepted clothing, both inside and outside the office. Choosing the proper pair of shorts is a must. They must appear deliberate and purposeful, but the actual definition of these terms depends on the circumstance. People have become habitual to working from home that now they carry their comfort of work from home to the office too. A lot of workplaces have started accepting men’s cotton shorts as an acceptable outfit. KRA’s collection of shorts for men is simply amazing. These shorts can be worn anytime anywhere. Not sure about your outfit? Simply put on one of KRA shorts and you are all set to go! If it’s too hot outside then you should definitely choose to wear shorts. Life is too short to not wear shorts all the time. 

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