July 19, 2024

Why You Should Go With SAFe Course In 2022

With time the work environment, as well as work culture, is evolving. Now the main worry of the corporative organizations is to change their work system without breaking the existing system. 

In this only a leading SAFe agilist can help the organization to undergo agile transformation without any worries. So this leading SAFe course becomes very important for those who want to fly high in the sky of technology and build a strong career. 

Course Overview 

This is the course for the leading SAFe training and will give lessons on how to lead a Lean – agile transformation in a working organization. 

It is specially designed for the executive, leaders, quality analysts, process leaders, managers, project and program managers, enterprise, solution, and system architects, and for infrastructure and development teams. 

However, anyone who wants to make a career in SAFe Lean-Agile can choose this two–day program course. 

In this course, you will learn how to lead an agile transformation in and across an enterprise. And how to apply for the latest SAFe agile program in your organization with different teams across time zones. 

You will learn in this course how to collaborate with diverse teams and how to use Lean – agile principles in scaling the Lean – agile development projects. Also, you will know how to create high–performing agile teams that can increase the productivity of the company. 

Here in this course, you will learn from the basics to advanced level principles of scales agile framework and how to apply them in the different business enterprises. 

Also for complete transformation, you will learn how to apply the lean-agile mindset and agile development in the organization. 

In this course, you will learn how to use the SAFe implementation roadmap and how to enable lean-agile transformation in the enterprise. 

You will learn to create high performing teams with Agile working and improve lean-agile leadership skills so that your teams can perform 

With this training, you can successfully execute Program Increments across the company and their implementation. 

Also in the course, you will learn all the main 7 core competencies for hassle-free implementation of SAFe agile lean programs. Here you will know how to apply various lean-agile principles and how to align a lean – portfolio with the objectives of the company. 

In the course, you will get information on how to support PI planning and events in Program execution to maximize value. 

All in all, through this course you will acquire many specific skills such as Lean-Agile budgeting, Lean-Agile management, Lean Portfolio management, and several general skills like coaching, leadership, conflict management, and motivation skills. 

Course Content 

Coming on what this course particularly offers, here you will get 16 hours of live and interactive instructor-led online classes and training where you can earn 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs in just two days. 

Here you will be trained by expert mentors who are Scaled Agile accredited SAFe Program Consultants. They will train you through different activities, case studies, real-world simulations, and role-plays that will impart practical knowledge.

Through all this, you will learn how to implement Lean-Agile in the real world in your organization. For that, the special practice sessions and real-time problems are best provided. 

With this course, you will have easy access to the active community of professionals of Scrum and can grow your skills and knowledge. Also, you can access the latest resources including e-books, tutorials, monthly webinars, and conferences. 

On the first day of the course, you will be introduced to the Scaled Agile framework and learn skills of team building and technical agility. 

For the first-day module introduction of Scaled Agile Framework, the role of Lean-Agile leader, team and technical agility, and basic to advance level understanding of Program Increment Planning are covered. 

In the second day module, you will learn how to build a Continuous Delivery Pipeline and how to implement Lean Portfolio Management in the organization. 

For the second day, the module includes Releasing on Demand with DevOps, how to build Business Solutions and Lean Systems, Lean Portfolio Management, and Leading transformation. 

All the topics in the curriculum are based on latest research and development in the field and impart accurate knowledge that is well – balanced mix of practical and theoretical knowledge. 

Although it’s a two day program but it doesn’t compromise with the quality education and each session is very interactive. Where you can clear your doubts, ask questions and discuss your assignments. 

Feedback and a proper assessment of your assignment is provided so that you can improve your mistakes and never repeat them. 

The course curriculum is based on the latest released version of SAFe which is version 5 with update 5.1. 

After this course, you will have lean thinking, flexibility, and product development skills so that you can complete your future tasks and transformation in flow. 


Any individual who is interested in making a career in the agile program can opt for this course. However, a 5-year experience in project management, testing, business analysis, and software development, is appreciated. 

Also, any experience in scrum training or knowledge will be beneficial for quickly grasping the course content. 

If you want to become a SAFe agilist then first you will need to undergo the online exam from Scaled Agile. Then after passing the exam you will be a certified SAFe Agilist. 

As the last step in the training, you will have to undergo a SAFe program course that will lead by SAFe Program Consultants in a two-day course program. 


The foremost benefit that you will get from this course is that SAFe Lean-Agile is a globally recognized certification so you will have a wide scope of jobs and opportunities. 

Also, it is a growing job option that always remains in high demand and evolves with time so chances of increments are high in this job field comparatively to other job fields. 

This course will inculcate better decision-making capabilities at the organizational level so that you can adjust to any enterprise and contribute to its growth and development. 

Today certified SAFe agilists are great in demand in large corporations because of the role they play in the agile transformation. Through this transformation, these companies can enhance the working mechanism and productivity without disturbing or destroying the existing system. 

Due to this expert SAFe agilists have a nice career path with high-paying jobs even going up to 5 to 6 digits. 

What you need to do is simply enroll in the course program, get training, at the end of the successful completion of the course get your certificate and be a leading Lean–Agile expert. 

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