Why Would You Need AC Maintenance?

AC is a blessing in the scorching heat. Global warming is responsible for the sudden heat rise globally, so humans cannot fight global warming overnight till they change their way of living. They might not eradicate it, but you can surely fight some of its side effects. Heat is a side effect of it, so you can install AC to fight this.

Installing an AC is the first part. Installing should also be done in the eye of professionals. Once the AC is installed, your work is not done. AC maintenance is equally important. It might sound like a chore; they can easily hire a team of professionals for the maintenance problem, but maintenance should be done in one way or another.

There are several reasons that you might need to maintain your AC, but some of them will be discussed below:

AC Filters

Ac filters can get dirty. If they are unclean, then the cooling will be inconsistent. This will also have a direct effect on your electricity bill by raising it. You can clean these filters by yourself by soaking them in one-part water and one-part vinegar. Then wash the filters with clean water and dry them. 

Although this can be done at home and you can do it. It is still better that you hire a maintenance company to do a more thorough job than you.

AC Coils

Ac coils will also need cleaning as they are the reason that the AC runs efficiently. The coils are outside and can be cleaned with water. Just be careful and turn off the AC before bathing the coils with water. Again, you can do it by yourself. Still, it will be better if you hire a firm specializing in AC repair and maintenance as they are more experienced than you.

Ductwork Odour

Thoroughly check and clean the ductwork. Sometimes, small-sized animals get in there and get trapped and cause a bad odor to permeate through the AC unit. That is why it is better if you check the ductwork from time to time and clean it. The ductwork should also be cleaned because it will take a lot of energy and thus an increased electricity bill.

Unclog the Drain Pipe

The drain pipe is the reason the condensation generated by the AC gets dumped outside. There are times when the drainpipe gets clogged. If the drain pipe gets clogged, then mold can grow. Also, the mold can then progress towards the walls. It can also cause flooding. Unclog the drain pipe every month or when it gets clogged so that accident does not happen.

Refrigerant Leaks

Check if there is any refrigerant leak. All the air conditioners have a limited amount of refrigerant in them. If this leaks, then it may cause problems and inconsistent cooling. It is not normal for the refrigerant to leak, so you should always stay cautious if it is not cooling properly.

Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit should be cleaned as well as the indoor one. The outdoor unit is open to dust particles and other debris. It is more prone to get dirty. You can use a blower to clean the outdoor unit. Most of the time, people focus on the indoor unit and forget the outdoor unit. This might cause a lot of problems for the AC in the future.

Inspection by Professionals

While you can do many things by yourself, hire a team of professionals to inspect before the new season. They will do a thorough inspection and will pinpoint all the defects. They will repair what needs to be repaired and clean what needs to be cleaned. 

Qualities to Look for in AC Repair Services

Many AC repair services are now working in the city. Still, because the number of companies has increased, it is getting difficult to find a good firm. Following are the qualities you should look for when choosing an AC repair company.

  • Experience
  • Well-Trained Staff
  • Have Great Reviews
  • Affordable Prices
  • Good Location

All these qualities make a firm best, so you should always do your research before selecting a company.


The AC services are there to help their customers. Avail of those services so that your air conditioner unit should always remain in good condition. Most people forget to get the maintenance done after the installation. This is not good practice, and you should always do the maintenance or hire a company to do this.

Alen Parker

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