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What to do With Old Items in the Home

It doesn’t matter if you have a big home or a small one. The truth is that everyone wants as much space as they can in their house. Of course, when you do have a bigger house, this becomes a much easier thing to attain. However, when you have the right plan with a small space, you can really get a lot out of a little. More space can give your home a bigger feel and could just make you feel far more comfortable in your home. 

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t have as much space in their homes is due to clutter. Even the neatest and tidiest people will still struggle to keep their homes free of junk. Not to mention it can be really hard to just get rid of any items that have any sentimental value. If this is something you feel is causing issues in your home, then you need to address this issue. If you are unsure of what to do with the old items in your home, then here are some suggestions. 


Everyone is going to have old clothes lying around the home. This is just a natural thing, especially when you are in a home with kids. When it comes to the likes of t-shirts, there is a good chance people have sentiments attached to them, even though they can’t wear them anymore. Of course, one option would be to donate the t-shirts that don’t hold much sentimental value. However, for the ones that mean more to you, there are some options. One of the most special and unique ways in which you can use these t-shirts is to make them into a blanket. Blankets made from clothes have a really special feel to them, so this is worth considering. 

Sports jerseys are a little bit different. First of all, a lot of sports jerseys can be seen as collectors’ items. So if you are willing to part with your jersey, you might want to check out who might be interested in paying for it. For the jerseys that you want to keep, framing them and putting them up on your wall is a really good way to display them. 


If you have kids who have grown older, then you might have a lot of old toys lying around. Again, there might be some of these you might want to keep for sentimental reasons. Finding a box to put them in and storing them somewhere safe is the best thing for them. When it comes to toys that you are willing to part with, a donation or a yard sale is the best option. 


When it comes to any sort of memorabilia, such as photos or old concert/match tickets, these can be nice things to keep. Due to the fact they don’t take up too much space, you might want to find a photo album to keep them in. If you are into scrapbooking, you can display these with photos of the day and build a whole picture of the day. 

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