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What is a Penalty Shootout? Details about Penalty Bets you need to know when Playing

The penalty shootout, or penalty bet, is a side bet in football betting but still causes heat in this market. The penalty shootout has a high risk factor, creating many unexpected emotions for fans when watching the match. If you are not clear about this bet, please follow the following article for house Bet22 to guide the most effective bet.

The concept of the penalty shootout

The penalty shootout is often seen when the two teams compete in the main and extra half and still have no score.

Penalties occur when in a match it is necessary to determine the winner and loser. Specifically, when the two teams compete in the main and extra periods, if there is still no difference in the score, they will proceed to penalty kicks.

Due to the heat and high value, the penalty kick attracted the attention of fans with a tense and dramatic atmosphere. To serve the needs of football betting, the prestigious bookie quickly created a penalty shootout.

Thus, the penalty shootout is not a stable bet that you can play as easily as the Asian or European bets. But thanks to this unusual nature, this type of bet has become the “Hot” line today.

What types of penalty kicks are there?

Penalties only appear briefly at the end of the match. However, the forms of rafters are so diverse that they will surprise you right below:

  • Bet on a winning team

For the winning team bets, you will predict the winning team after the penalty shootout is over. This market is considered by many to have the highest win rate of all penalty shootouts. Because players easily see that the team has the ability to win after watching the previous main and extra innings.

The player predicts the winner at the end of the shootout.

  • Betting on the Last Score

With the final score, the player will correctly predict the score of the 2 teams. Although this bet has a very low win rate, because the amount of bonus you receive is very high, it is still a favorite among players.

  • Odds bets

Just like the normal Over and Under, the Over and Under in the penalty shootout will include 2 forms. consists of:

  1. Over or under, total goals scored
  2. Bet over the total number of shots in the series

For the Over/Under bet with the total number of goals, you wait for the odds given by the house to proceed to choose any number. If you predict the total number of goals in the penalty shootout is greater than the number of reputable bookmakers, choose Over or Under, then choose Under.

  • Bets on penalty shootouts

The penalty shootout bet is a bet that the player will place a bet on a specific shot. So, every time you shake hands quickly, you need to carefully understand the order of the team that takes the penalty shootout. Bets on each shot are also quite popular due to the high winning rate and are relatively suitable for new players in football betting.

Penalty Betting experience that is extremely effective

Below, we will suggest to you 5 penalty shootout betting experiences provided by the experts . You try to refer to yourself as having the most useful knowledge, with details as follows:

Highly effective and easy to apply, penalty shootout betting experience

  • Choose the right penalty shootout bet

The house number 1 0000 will provide a variety of shootout bets for you to choose from. These odds are always updated quickly and accurately for players’ convenience. With each type of bet, players will win for themselves at a different win rate.

Therefore, you choose the right penalty shootout bookie for the ball game as well as place an effective bet. This is the experience applied by football players to increase their winning rate.

  • Place bets after the first penalty shootout

Why bet after the first penalty kick when even a small detail in the match will change the overall situation. As soon as the first penalty shootout goes smoothly, you will easily determine the final result. Right now, the penalty shootout will appear clearly for you to bet with peace of mind.

  • ┬áReview confrontation history

Experience betting on the next penalty shootout will help you be more certain while betting is to review the confrontation history. Finding out the results of the last 2 matches of the last 2 teams, you will see the results of the bets you want to have.

Besides, by viewing the match history, you will have at hand the strengths and weaknesses of the teams. Next, you will take the information you have just found and compare the two teams with each other so that you will have a more objective and reasonable judgment. A team with its own advantages, even 

For example, at home or in the right weather, creating conditions for that team to win the penalty shootout.

  • Analysis of the players’ strengths of the two teams

Each team has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. There is a team that is good at attacking positions, so the players are all strong, in good form, and well trained. Or a football team specializing in shooters will possess stable, sustainable health and good skills.

You need to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the players taking the penalty kick. Is the player strong enough to take the penalty kick? Has there been a player who has taken a similar penalty kick before? And there is a lot of information about the player, such as injury, which is also a step to preparing for an effective penalty shootout.

Be confident when betting on penalty shootout

Believing in yourself is one of the most essential conditions for success when betting on football. You absolutely must not listen to others because this will cause confusion and distract your psychology. This will only affect the psychology of leading to the change of bets, creating mistakes when betting at the current No. 1 bookie.

The penalty shootout betting experience also ended the article about this bet today. For football players, this bet is too familiar when both matches do not score and they have to take a penalty shootout to determine the winner. We hope this information is really useful for you when conducting this bet.

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