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The Concept of the Corner Handicap and How to Play effectively for Newbies

Corner Handicap is one of the most popular non-score-related markets today. Instead of trying to predict which team will score how many goals, you only need to care about the corner. This form of betting is not easy, but not too difficult either. You should learn to participate in handicap bets on the 22Bet app if you want to “add spice” to each match.

What is a Corner Handicap?

True to its name, this form is only a handicap bet when predicting the angle. You will proceed to predict which team will win more corners according to the odds offered by the house. This type of bet does not require you to be too knowledgeable about the performance of the two teams. However, the information you absolutely must know is the style of these teams.

Usually, in a match, there will be quite a few corners happening. It’s hard to say exactly which team won how many corners, but you can predict which team will win more. The reputable bookie will conduct a detailed betting table with different odds for the two teams. The principle of choosing the team on the bottom door is also similar to the score.

The corner handicap odds table

Depending on the match, there will be different house odds for you to quickly check. In general, the quality of meals offered by the units is quite high, helping you to easily have more income. You just need to take a moment to consider the play style of the two teams to be able to predict the outcome correctly.

Cases of winning and losing in the corner handicap

The corner handicap is actually similar to the regular handicap. The house will give a number that is the handicap of the corner, in addition to the percentage of the total corner. Your task is to predict which team will win the number of corners corresponding to this ratio.

You have to predict the corner outcome based on the house odds

For example, in the match on October 24, 2021, Liverpool and Manchester United had a competition within the English Premier League. The reputable bookie offers a handicap of Liverpool on the 3 left. You will either receive your winnings or lose your bets in the following cases:

Liverpool finished the game and got more corners than Man United in the right proportion. You choose Liverpool. You win the bet. The person who chooses MU loses the bet.

The team with more corners is Man United. If you choose Man United, you win the bet. The one who chooses Liverpool loses the bet.

Types of Handicap Corners

Handicap bets in the corner are not too diverse, so players can easily choose the bet, avoiding information interference. You can predict the number of corners in the first half or the whole match depending on your needs and available information. Here are the two most common forms of corner handicap:

1st Half Handicap (Corner Handicap)

You will predict in this round which team will win more corners and the right percentage difference. Usually, the team that is rated as the bottom team, if they win more corners, will give a higher payout.

Many people tend to bet on the first half corner

Full match handicap corner bet

You have to consider in the match which team has the advantage of corners. Because of the long prediction time, this form will be a bit more difficult. You need to conduct a more careful examination of the reputable house, topnhacai365.

Is it difficult to play corner handicap?

For many people, predicting football scores has become a habit, and when exposed to another form of betting, it will be somewhat confusing. However, if you choose the handicap corner, you will not need to worry about this. Because inherently, this type of bet is easier to play, it does not require you to spend too much time and effort.

Usually, the two teams participating in the competition will have their own characteristics in terms of corners or throw-ins. There will be a team that wins at least 5 corners per game, but there will be a team with a maximum of one game that doesn’t reach this level. As long as you are a regular person who watches football and understands the gameplay of each team, it will not be too difficult for you to check your corner.

Corner betting is not difficult

According to many reviewers, the corner bet has very attractive odds, but it is not as difficult to play as the score. You can easily determine the maximum and minimum of the number of corners that appear. Therefore, it is easier to predict the number of corners that will be in each half or the whole match. You will get a pretty high rate after having the correct result and winning the bet.

The most effective way to play the corner handicap

In addition to understanding the concept and reading the odds table, you also need a few more skills to play standard corner bets. Here are some suggestions from the bookie for your reference and application:

Find out the style of each team

To check the standard corner handicap, you must know if the team is interested in this opportunity. For example, with Man United, the 

Scores from corners are very noticeable, because they appreciate set pieces. But in contrast, with Man City, you will see the players are very “lazy” about kicking corners. Even so, they handle this penalty no differently from a normal pass.

MC is a prime example of fewer corner kicks

Therefore, teams that focus on set-pieces will tend to win more corners. In contrast, the teams that prioritize the promotion of attack on the field will limit their chances of winning the corner. If two teams with this style of football attend the same match, you can easily predict the outcome.

Know the players of each team

Besides the common style of each team, each player or superstar in the squad will also affect the corner kick. For example, during the transfer window, a certain club recruited a player with a good free-kick foot. Thus, in the upcoming match, the coaching staff will certainly find ways to take advantage of this strength and increase the number of goals scored.

Stronger team bet

In a match between a strong team and a weak team, the strong team often tends to attack strongly to get a goal. And so, it is understandable that the weak team has to find a way to break the ball, leading to many corners. Besides, the lack of professionalism and top-notch skills will also make the players unable to find a way to break the boundary but have to choose a corner.

Above is a summary of information about the corner handicap and the most effective way to play for newbies.

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