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What Are the Safest Fall Prevention Solutions for Seniors?

As you grow older, your health conditions change, which increases the chance of falls. One of the main causes of severe injuries among seniors is falling. 

Are you suffering from the fear of falling as a senior almost all the time? Fall prevention solutions can prevent falling and injuries caused after that. 

Here are the safest fall prevention solutions for seniors:

Consult Doctor

Book an appointment with a doctor to discuss your plan to prevent falls. If you or an older relative have fallen before, share the details, including when and how it happened. Explain the instance when you almost fell, but someone managed to catch you at the right time. Such details would help doctors to suggest proper fall prevention tips. 

Discuss your health issues, such as ear and eye disorders, and your comfort level when walking. Your doctor may check your balance, muscle strength, and walking style. 

Do Physical Activities

Physical activities can always be an effective fall prevention solution. Try activities such as water workouts, walking, and tai chi. These activities mitigate the risk of falls by boosting your balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. 

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wear shoes that add comfort to your feet and walk as that prevents falls. Shoes with hard soles, high heels, and floppy slippers make you stumble and fall. Pick sensible and high-quality shoes with nonskid soles that are perfect as they also decrease joint pain. 

Throw Away Home Hazards

The different parts of your home may be filled with different hazards such as – electrical/phone cards, newspapers, and boxes. 

Can you see loose and wooden carpeting and floorboards? Fix them right away. Keep food, dishes, clothing, and other requirements within reach. Don’t forget to clean food, grease, and spilled liquids immediately. You can use non-slip mats in your shower/bathtub and a bath seat that allows you to sit when showering. 

Brighten Up Your Living Space

Fill your home with lights as a fall prevention strategy. Without proper lighting, you tend to trip on objects that you can’t see. Also, position night lights in your bathroom, bedroom, and hallways. Use traditional or illuminated switches to add glow in the dark space. You may store flashlights in easy-to-find areas when there is any power cut. 

Use Helpful Devices

As an older adult, it’s good to have support when you walk. A walker always helps you to keep steady. You can also use other devices such as handrails for stairways’ both sides, non-slip treads for bare wood steps, and grab bars for the tub or shower. Use a hard plastic seat for the tub or shower and a hand-held shower nozzle for bathing when sitting down. 

If required, ask your doctor to refer a professional therapist as they can suggest other fall prevention solutions. You can install and leverage those techniques at an affordable price. Other strategies may need much higher investment or further professional assistance. Don’t overthink about the investment to prevent falls, as it gives you independence. 

Bottom Line

When you are a senior citizen, falls are common. But don’t worry as you can always prevent them. The fall prevention solutions will be of great help to walk and move freely without the chance of falling and stay away from the related severe injury and treatment costs.

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