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Understanding Investment Policy Statement and its Benefits

What is Investment Policy Statement Software?

In the Investment process, the client has the proper right to know about the working of the investment procedure and whether their goals and expectations are met properly or not. Also, the financial advisor must know about the client’s expectations and plans. So, by drafting down this whole information in a document, both parties minimize the chances of conflicts with each other. 

Investment Policy Statement Software is a document that is drafted between a financial advisor or an investment manager and the client. The IPS contains the client investment goals and objectives. The financial advisor lists down all the methods and techniques used by the them to invest the client’s money. It describes all the strategies and approaches taken by financial advisors to achieve the milestone and objectives. The IPS can be considered as a Roadmap following which financial advisor can take their planned decisions.

In short, we can say that Investment Policy Statement fulfills these objectives:

  • Clear and Concise Investment Goals and Objectives: The client’s investment goals and objectives must be clear to the investment manager so that they can invest the client’s assets accordingly.
  • Asset Allocation Policy: The investment manager should define a proper structure of the asset allocation so as to fulfill the client’s goals and objectives.

Benefits of Investment Policy Statement

As we have discussed what the Investment Policy Statement is and how it helps in removing the conflict between Investment management and the investor. Now let’s discuss the benefits of IPS.

More Rational Decision: In Investment, sometimes emotions and feelings can overtake the investor in making the right decision. So IPS helps the advisor and investor to take a more rational and systematic decision.

Avoiding Conflict: The Investment Policy Statement helps in avoiding all the conflicts and misunderstandings.

Proper Communication: It provides a proper way to communicate with the financial advisor regarding how the advisor is going to invest the investor’s assets.

Clear and Concise Requirement: The objectives and requirements are clear to the financial advisor.

Record Maintenance: All the client’s objectives and requirements and the procedure taken by the financial advisors to meet the clients’ expectations are available in a properly recorded manner. 

With the evolution of the latest technologies, the financial market is witnessing a rapid transformation. Now advisors are utilizing Investment policy statement software and Investment policy generator to create personalized investment policy statements and reports for the client meeting.

Ajay Yadav

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