June 18, 2024
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Things To Put Right Before Selling Your Property

If you want to sell your home and buy something new, or even if you’re selling to fund a project or your retirement, the one thing you’ll want is to get the most money you can for it. You’ll certainly want to be able to pay off any remaining mortgage and have some money left over for a down payment on your next home or to enjoy in any other way you want to.

There are a number of ways to try to do this, but the most important is to make sure your home is ready to be sold. This means putting right some of the jobs you might have been putting off up until now. Even though you could still sell the property without doing the work, people won’t pay as much, especially if they will have to pay to put the things right themselves. With that in mind, here are some of the things you’ll need to think about.

The Structure

It’s highly likely that you’ll have the house redecorated before you put it on the market. A fresh coat of paint and cleaning up the scuff marks of everyday living can make a big difference. However, even if the property looks great to begin with, potential homeowners who are spending a lot of money are going to want to have a survey done, and this could uncover any structural issues that won’t be obvious initially.

If you’re aware of these issues beforehand, it’s important to get them fixed (if you’re not aware, it might be worth having your own survey done and then putting things right to ensure a smooth sale). The structural issues could include fixing damp problems and removing mold, ensuring that there is no subsidence, and choose the right roofing companies to make repairs to your roof, among other things.

The Exterior

Again, the interior is likely to be your focus when you’re selling your home because that’s what you can see every day and it is what potential buyers will be looking at when they come to view the property. However, don’t underestimate the exterior of your home and its curb appeal. Remember, when someone arrives to view your property, they will see the exterior first, and they will form an impression – good or bad – that can be hard to shake no matter what the interior looks like.

You’ll want that impression to be good, so it’s worth ensuring that the property looks good from the outside. This will include:

  • Having a new (or freshly painted) front door
  • Weeding the front yard and cutting the grass
  • Clearing any parking areas
  • Installing lighting
  • Cleaning and/or painting the front of the house

The Backyard

We’ve mentioned keeping your front yard tidy and neat, and the same goes for your backyard. In some cases, it can be your yard that sells the house, especially if the people buying have children or pets. In order to make that decision easier for them, make sure your garden is well maintained.

Keep the lawn short and jet wash any paths and patio areas. Set the garden up as though you are using it, with furniture and toys, but don’t overcrowd it. People need to imagine how the space will be used, but they won’t want it to be messy and full or they won’t enjoy thinking about it at all.

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