July 14, 2024

The Best Wicket-Takers In Test Cricket Of All Time

Cricket is a game of wonders. The batting, bowling and fielding achievements of teams sometimes create rarest records. The achievements stand as yardsticks for future performers to excel and even try to surpass them. The traditional structure of test cricket offered the batters and bowlers ample scope to develop their art of cricketing with care. With time the form changed to limited-over cricket innings. First came the 50 over One Day Internationals and then the more recent T20 matches. The excessive pressure of the limited-over cricket matches steals the time for careful practice. However,  the change in the pattern of the games compels the players to work harder,  to fit themselves according to the requirement.

Many of the renowned players of this game preferred to dedicate their focus to the test matches. It is too difficult for a batter or a bowler to create an ever-lasting mark in test matches. Taking a considerable number of wickets in test cricket, to be more precise, carrying 300 or more wickets, is a unique achievement. The top cricket news gives an opportunity for the viewers to examine the performances of the cricketers. The first person to take more than 300 wickets in test cricket was Fred Trueman, who reached the most prestigious position, being the motivator to the other 36 bowlers in the history of test matches which came to take more than 300 wickets. Here is a comprehensive list of the top five wicket-takers in the history of Test matches.

  1. Shane Warne

Shane Warne is one of the widely recognized greatest bowlers of all time. He holds the magnificent record of taking 708 wickets in 145 test matches. He could deliver the best balls even on the most difficult pitches in the world. The batsmen used to fear his bowling technique. Shane Warne played his debut test match against India in the year 1992 and his last test match in 2007 against England. His career in test cricket stat is highly appreciable. He successfully took 708 wickets in 145 test cricket matches. Shane Warne is the second-highest taker in test cricket, and the record has been held by him for 13 years now. In the year 1993, in a match against England, Warne became the leading wicket-taker by taking 34 wickets in the six-Test series. He was highly appreciated for his excellent performance in that particular series. Warne is also famous for taking 71 wickets in a test match in a single year. He is undoubtedly a legend of the cricket world.

  1. Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble is one of the finest players ever produced by the Indian cricket team. He is a versatile cricketer with numerous successful performances throughout his cricket career. Kumble is considered to be the highest wicket-taker in Test cricket matches for the Indian team. He played his debut test match against England in the year 1990. In 1999, in a match against Pakistan, Kumble delivered the best ball of 10/74 ever thrown by a bowler in an innings in Test cricket. Anil used a unique style of bowling which took almost 16-17 years for others to decipher. When England came to India for a match, Kumble successfully picked 21 wickets in three Test matches. In the third match of that series, he took seven wickets for 165 runs and became the man of the match for his excellency. Kumble is one of the bowlers who took ten wickets in a test innings against Pakistan. He is famous for taking 619 wickets in 132 test matches of his career. Moreover, he has 35 five-wicket hauls in the longest format of cricket.

  1. Courtney Walsh

 Courtney Walsh was one of the finest fast bowlers of the 19th century. Walsh made his test debut in 1984 against Australia and took two wickets for 43 runs. He ended his cricket career, he became the highest wicket-taker in West Indies with 519 wickets in 132 matches he played. Walsh is famous for being one of the finest bowlers  in the history of cricket. He took 519 Test wickets and bowled even more than 5000 overs in Test cricket matches. He is also famous for taking 22 five-wicket hauls in Test cricket.

  1. Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev is the greatest all-rounder of all time. He had proven himself to be an outstanding performer in his cricket career. He played in 131 test matches for the Indian team and fascinated millions of people with his praiseworthy performances. In the Test matches of his career, he successfully took 434 wickets in total. Dev is recognized widely as the ninth-highest wicket-taker in the history of test cricket. He also created the record of being the youngest player to  take 100 wickets and 1000 runs in Test cricket matches. His illustrious cricket career is an inspiration for many.

5. James Anderson

The great English bowler of all time, James Anderson, is considered to be the third-highest wicket-taker in the history of test matches. In 2003,  Anderson played his debut test match against Zimbabwe, where he took five wickets in an innings. He is popularly known as the “Swing King” for his unique talent of swinging the balls. He is the only pace bowler in the history of cricket which took 600 test wickets. Anderson was the first English bowler to reach 400, 500 and 600 wickets in Test matches. In the year 2016, Anderson became the first fast bowler to take 50 wickets during a test match against Pakistan at Old Trafford. He is considered to be the bowler of England with a maximum number of five-wicket hauls in test cricket. He is admired by numerous cricket enthusiasts.

The comprehensive list of the top wicket-takers in test cricket puts players from all across the globe against one another. Individually, almost every cricket-playing nation has its top-scoring wicket-takers. Shane Warne was the pride of Australia. The highest Wicket taker in England is James Anderson. India’s Anil Kumble is a genius. Another required name on the list is Kapil Dev. These players dedicated their lives to the game and astonished the world with their achievements.

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