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Sweet party games for kids

If you’re looking for some great games to play with your kids on your next birthday party or family gathering, try these sweet party games. They are easy enough for little kids to participate in and challenging enough that adults can enjoy them as well. Plus, they are totally affordable!

Gift Tag  

Place some candy in a bag and give each child their own bag and a strip of paper on which they can write the name of the candy (this will be their “gift tag”). You then draw two lines on the floor about 5 inches apart. Have kids line up along one line and drop their bags at one end as well as their gift tags at the other. They must run forward, retrieve their tag, and find the matching candy in their bag before returning to the starting line. The first one back is the winner.

You can also play this game with an adult instead of a child. We’ve found that adults love it as much as kids because it’s so fast-paced and high-energy.

This is a great party for a hot summer day or indoors on a rainy day. Appleton Sweets offers candy at wholesale prices including these pink sweets that would be ideal for any party.

Pass the parcel

This is a great game for kids of all ages. All you need is a present. Wrap it in several fancy layers of wrapping paper and include a funny gag gift at the centre (some silly toy or fake item like “the world’s tiniest hat”).

You will need an adult to control some party music. Get the children to sit in a circle, they should start to pass the parcel. When the music stops the kid with the parcel gets to unwrap a layer of paper. You can put small prizes in some of the layers. When the final layer is removed the kid holding the package gets the final prize.

Sweet Spoon Rally

Split the kids into teams so they can race each other. The trick is that they need to balance a sweet in the spoon without dropping it. They can hold hands as they race, but they must keep the spoon in the bowl.

If you are meeting a group of kids, you could have one team race against another team or have all the teams race against each other. You could even divide the kids into teams based on their age (2-year-olds vs 9-year-olds and so on).

The Piñata

This is another game that can be played with an adult leader or with a group of children. The kids love the Piñata because they get to use their imagination and they love getting to hit it with a stick. You will need the following:

  • Large paper bag (or anything that the pinata is going to be made from)
  • A stick (for hitting the pinata and for handing out candy)
  • Candy, small toys, pretty trinkets, stickers or other small gifts for decorating crowns/headbands as prizes

Then let the kids loose on the Piñata.

That was a summary of some great games for kids parties. Parties are a great way to socialize, they also get kids involved in different activities while encouraging them to be active, and they help build self-esteem as well as social skills. These games are fun for both children and adults so if you are hosting a party, you should consider them.

Aditya Shahi

Aditya Shahi is a BSc Agriculture student and an avid blogger, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with his readers.