May 30, 2024

Some Fun Facts About a Persian Cat breed

If you have been planning to bring home a beautiful Persian cat, you are definitely making a great decision. This is probably one of those breeds that can be recognized easily. The luxurious long coats with expensive eyes make a Persian cat one of the most widely chosen felines across the world. If you visit the homes of cat enthusiasts, you will certainly find a Persian cat. 

However, if you are willing to buy a cat but you are thinking if the Persian cat would be a good decision for you or not, then here are some of the prime things that you should know. These facts about Persian cats will keep you in a surprise.

Persian cats are possibly from Persia:

One of the most common questions about the Persian cat is their origination. The origin of the Persian cat is still under doubt. The very first time, it was found by Europeans when people from middle-east brought a long-haired cat. The two most famous breeds that came from Iran include Angoras and Persians. Both of these breeds are long-haired beauties, and Persian cats especially could get the limelight due to their exotic look and gentle nature.

They are the old-school pedigree:

The pure breed cats are the ones that followed the Kennel club rules in Europe. This started first in the 19th century. If you know, you must have heard that the very first cat show that took place in the world was in the 19th century in Crystal Palace of London. Persian cats were the first name that was first represented in the show. This was when the Persian cats got their popularity, and since then, this has been one of those breeds that never falls in its demand.

They are known for their hair:

One of the most popular aspects of the Persian cat is its thick and long coat. You will find every hair is from 4 – 6 inches in length which is one of the most popular aspects of their popularity. Their color runs from a huge spectrum which is from snowy white to solids to while to the multi-tone combinations. They also have a compact body with medium-sized tails, which makes them a great choice to pet. 

Apart from this, their face is another most common reason why they received such enormous popularity in the market. They have flat and sleek noses that look like a button makes them look great. Combined with the closed set of wide and colored eyes makes them one of the most demanding cat breeds in India.

They are lazy and friendly:

Persian definitely have gained popularity due to their look. But apart from that, they are a friendly feline that you can choose. You will find them running to the doors to greet you or your visitors. They are not the breed that zones themselves out, but they love to get loved and have a very affectionate nature. They are definitely lazy, and they can sleep for 20 hours a day. So if you are looking for a lazy cat, you need a Persian cat.

Bottom Line:

These are some of the most common facts about the Persian cat breed. If you are willing to buy one for your home, you can check Mummy Cat today.


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