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Rottweilers Price in India: Origin, Appearance, Price, Health, and More

Rottweilers, renowned for their muscular physique and robust build, originate from Germany and hold the title of one of the most muscular breeds globally. Prized for their guarding and protective instincts, they make excellent service dogs and loyal companions. In this guide, we’ll delve into the nuances of the Rottweiler breed, focusing on their appearance, price in various Indian cities, health issues, dietary requirements, vaccinations, and top platforms for adopting Rottweilers in India.

Appearance: A Confluence of Strength and Power

Rottweilers boast a sturdy and formidable stature, with a straight, firm back, a large head, and a potent jaw. Their strong physicality, however, doesn’t detract from their reputation as excellent companions. Early socialization and consistent training are crucial for harnessing their best qualities. Rottweilers typically sport black, tan, or mahogany coats.

Price of Rottweilers in India: An Overview

The cost of a Rottweiler in India fluctuates based on several factors, including the city, breeder’s reputation, age, color, and physical attributes. The prices usually hover between Rs. 17,000 and Rs. 80,000.

To provide a more specific understanding, here’s a comprehensive table of Rottweiler prices across various Indian cities:

CityPrice Range (in INR)
KeralaRs 15,000 to Rs 70,000
DelhiRs 20,000 to Rs 60,000
MumbaiRs 25,000 to Rs 65,000
BangaloreRs 20,000 to Rs 55,000
PuneRs 20,000 to Rs 70,000
ChennaiRs 15,000 to Rs 65,000
HyderabadRs 15,000 to Rs 60,000
KolkataRs 15,000 to Rs 65,000
LucknowRs 15,000 to Rs 70,000
KochiRs 14,000 to Rs 67,000
JaipurRs 18,000 to Rs 60,000
Tamil NaduRs 15,000 to Rs 80,000
BhopalRs 15,000 to Rs 75,000
CoimbatoreRs 15,000 to Rs 65,000
GoaRs 25,000 to Rs 55,000
TrivandrumRs 16,000 to Rs 60,000
IndoreRs 18,000 to Rs 55,000
MangaloreRs 15,000 to Rs 50,000
KarnatakaRs 25,000 to Rs 70,000
NagpurRs 15,000 to Rs 80,000
KannurRs 16,000 to Rs 60,000
RaipurRs 14,000 to Rs 60,000
KolhapurRs 25,000 to Rs 70,000
ThrissurRs 14,000 to Rs 75,000
AgraRs 15,000 to Rs 65,000
PatnaRs 15,000 to Rs 70,000
Please note, these are approximate ranges and prices can vary based on several factors including the breed’s purity, breeder’s reputation, dog’s age, and more. Always make sure to purchase your pet from a reputable and trusted source.

Health Concerns: The Common Ailments of Rottweilers

Despite their robust build, Rottweilers, like any other breed, are susceptible to certain health conditions. These health issues may either be genetically linked or associated with the breed itself. Common bacterial and viral infections include parvo, rabies, and distemper. Genetic diseases that Rottweilers are predisposed to include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and panosteitis. Regular vet check-ups can help keep these issues in check.

Dietary Needs: Balancing Protein and Fat

As true carnivores, Rottweilers need a high-protein diet to support muscle growth and strength. An adult Rottweiler’s diet should comprise 22% to 26% protein, while puppies require a slightly higher protein intake, approximately 24% to 28%.

Fat, though often maligned, is an essential part of a Rottweiler’s diet. Adult dogs need a moderate amount of fat, around 12% to 16%, while puppies need slightly more, around 14% to 18%. A balanced diet prevents obesity and supports their overall well-being.

Vaccination: An Essential Health Requirement

Ensuring your Rottweiler receives timely vaccinations is fundamental to their health. Core vaccines are obligatory, while some others are recommended based on the dog’s environment and lifestyle. The required vaccines vary by location, but usually, a minimum of three separate shots are given, with intervals of three weeks between each shot. Regular vaccinations boost your dog’s immunity and protect against severe diseases.

Top 5 Platforms to Adopt a Rottweiler in India

  1. Royal Squad Kennel: Known for producing top-quality dogs of various breeds, Royal Squad Kennel has a competent team of experienced individuals and certified veterinarians.
  2. Vom Carnivous: Pioneering the introduction of Rottweilers in India since 1995, Vom Carnivous, founded by Mr. Sikander Singh and Sarvpreet Singh Chadda, specializes in Rottweilers and aims to dispel myths about the breed.
  3. Dogs India: A platform founded by dog enthusiasts Dr. Suresh Bhimsingh and Late Mr. R. Padmachandran, Dogs India seeks to connect dog lovers, fostering a community where ideas and information about dogs are freely exchanged.
  4. Kennels India: Offering a diverse range of dog breeds, including Rottweilers, Kennels India is a comprehensive platform for prospective dog owners in India.
  5. India Kennels: If you’re in search of a pet Rottweiler, India Kennels not only offers a variety of breeds but also provides training and grooming services, ensuring your dog is well cared for.

Final Thoughts: The Endearing Rottweiler

Rottweilers, with their muscular strength and loyal instincts, are an excellent choice for those seeking a loyal and protective companion. Although they may vary in size and color, their commitment to their human companions is unwavering. Whether you reside in a bustling city or a quiet town, remember that the price of a Rottweiler in India varies according to several factors.

A balanced diet, timely vaccinations, and regular health check-ups are essential components of a Rottweiler’s well-being. If you’re contemplating adopting a Rottweiler, consider the five platforms we mentioned, each offering a range of services for your future companion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the price range of Rottweilers in India?

Rottweiler prices in India range from Rs. 17,000 to Rs. 80,000, varying based on the city, breeder’s reputation, age, color, and physical attributes.

What are the common health concerns for Rottweilers?

Rottweilers may suffer from bacterial or viral infections like parvo, rabies, and distemper. They are also prone to genetic diseases like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and panosteitis.

What should be the protein and fat intake for Rottweilers?

Adult Rottweilers should be served dog food that contains 22% to 26% protein, while puppies need 24% to 28%. A moderate amount of fat, around 12% to 16% for an adult Rottweiler and 14% to 18% for a puppy, is also essential.

The journey of owning a Rottweiler is an adventure filled with love, companionship, and a dash of learning. Understanding your Rottweiler’s unique needs can help you provide the best care and create a bond that lasts a lifetime.

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