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Experience Arabian Adventures in the Dubai Desert

Dubai, a city known for its grandiose skyscrapers and cosmopolitan charm, sits amidst the terracotta expanse of the Arabian Desert. This desert landscape, resplendent with miles of sand dunes, verdant palm groves, quaint traditional villages, and native wildlife, has been the bedrock upon which this globally recognized metropolis was built. A trip to Dubai, whether from near or far, remains incomplete without immersing oneself in the beauty and adventure that the Arabian Desert offers.

These desert escapades unfold primarily within the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The reserve encapsulates the mesmerizing, untouched landscapes we celebrate as the essence of our Dubai desert experience, while tirelessly endeavoring to preserve its authenticity. Allow Arabian Adventures to guide you through your unforgettable journey in the desert and introduce you to experiences that you simply can’t miss.

Morning Desert Tour

Kickstart your day with the majesty of a Sunrise Desert Safari in Dubai. This adventure gives you the rare opportunity to witness the golden orb rise from behind the sand dunes, signaling the start of a brand-new day. Our services include pick-up from your hotel before sunrise, taking you to a scenic spot within the dunes, where you can enjoy the serene desert atmosphere with a light breakfast and refreshing beverages.

As the day brightens, embark on a wildlife drive to observe the local, majestic Arabian oryx and sand gazelles in their natural habitat. After a morning filled with unique experiences, we return you to your hotel by mid-morning. The Morning Desert Safari offers a thrilling, action-packed start to your day with sandboarding activities (weather permitting), a chance to unwind at our traditional campsite, and a taste of light breakfast amidst the desert beauty. Our expert guides ensure your adventure is unforgettable and return you to your preferred location around noon.

Desert Dune Buggy Experience

For the adrenaline junkies out there, our Desert Dune Buggy Experience lets you steer under the Dubai desert sand dunes, offering an action-packed ride that’ll get your heart racing. Equipped with the latest four-seater Cam-am desert dune buggies, we provide all the necessities for your desert adventure, including safety equipment, refreshments to beat the desert heat, and transport to and from your desired location.

Choose from three unique experiences: ride as a passenger, taking in the stunning landscapes, share driving turns with our professional guide, or opt for a private buggy to explore with your friends (according to the latest city guidelines). Two-hour rides during early morning or sunset promise the perfect opportunity to navigate the wide-open desert dunes. Just remember to bring along your driver’s license and a camera to capture the exhilarating moments!

Evening Desert Safari

An Evening Desert Safari offers a quintessential Dubai experience with a moonlit desert dinner. With a pick-up at 3 pm, your Arabian Adventures’ guide will drive you and your group to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve for an evening of discovery and entertainment. The safari starts with a thrilling dune drive, followed by the sight of a stunning desert sunset. The changing colors from vibrant orange to calming pink and purple against the backdrop of endless dunes create a mesmerizing spectacle.

As the evening descends, a variety of traditional and modern entertainment awaits you. Try your hand at sandboarding, take a short camel ride, get henna hand-painting, and savor a local BBQ feast under the star-studded Dubai night sky. Opt for a Private Dubai Desert Safari for an even more exclusive experience, complete with a personal waiter, three-course BBQ dinner, unlimited premium beverages, and a private camel ride to your star-tent campsite. You’ll enjoy the breathtaking sight of a sunset campfire, making your journey into the Arabian Desert an unforgettable one.

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