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How to Repair a Garage Door?

Repairing Garage Door 

Whether they swing up in one piece or roll up in pieces, overhead garage doors rely on spring tension to open and close. 

One or more powerful springs push the door and travel over metal tracks mounted on the garage walls. Repairs are typically not too difficult when a door is difficult to operate. Here is some useful maintenance advice:

Step 1: Examine the garage’s metal tracks. Look at the wall-mounting brackets holding the tracks. Bolts or screws at the brackets should be tightened if they are loose.

 Examine the tracks from within the garage while keeping the door closed for any dents, crimps, or flat places. Use a rubber mallet, a block of scrap wood, and a hammer to pound any damaged areas out if necessary.

The tracks should be replaced if they are seriously damaged.

Step 2: Use a level to ensure that the tracks are correctly aligned. In a garage with roll-up doors, the horizontal tracks should dip slightly downward toward the back of the garage.

The vertical parts of the tracks should be perfectly plumb. On the garage walls, both tracks must be at the same height. 

If the tracks are out of alignment, carefully tap the tracks into place after loosening but leaving the mounting brackets’ screws or bolts in place.

Recheck the tracks’ alignment using a level to make sure they are correct, and then tighten the screws or bolts at the mounting brackets.

Step 3: Use a powerful home cleanser to clean the tracks to eliminate any remaining grime and greasy residue. Thoroughly wash the rollers, then dry-wipe both the tracks and the rollers.

Step 4: Inspect the hardware for any slack and tighten it as necessary. Check the plates where the spring is placed on swing-up doors to ensure the screws are secure and tighten any slack ones.

Check the hinges on roll-up doors that connect the various parts of the door; tighten any loose screws, and replace any broken hinges. Service to the hinges may frequently fix a door sagging at one side.

If a screw hole enlarges, use a longer screw with the same diameter in its place, along with a hollow fibre plug that has been soaked in the carpenter’s glue. If a hinge’s wood is cracked, remove the hinge and use wood filler to patch the cracks and the screw holes.

Replace the hinge when the filler has had time to dry. Placing the hinge on solid wood should be your goal.

Precaution: Avoid attempting to fix a roll-up door if it only has one torsion spring located in the middle of the door. The spring might hurt you due to the extreme stress. Call a reputable repair shop for doors with this kind of spring.

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The door itself and the opener are the two primary parts of a garage door. We’ll explain how to fix each of them in this article. The door itself will be our first stop.

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