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How to Make a College Resume

A college resume is a document that is nearly always requested by college admission boards from students, who wish to be admitted for studying in this or that educational facility. As with all other types of resumes and cover letters, this type of document is easily and effectively made with this free resume builder. We’re telling you below, what exactly a college resume should be composed of based on the popular demands of educational facilities.

Use a free resume builder online to make an admission resume

A college resume (also can be referred to as the CV) differs from the one that people write to applying for a job. Since you didn’t have a job (at least, full-time and/or relevant to your future specialty) at this moment, your focus in the CV must be shifted towards your academic profile and extracurricular + co-curricular activities & skills. And thus, that’s what you have to include in your college resume:

  • Heading: your name, picture, address, contacts (phone, e-mail, social media, a personal website, or a page on a specialized website, which is to highlight your skills, abilities, and any possible achievements like awards or honors)
  • Academic profile (what was your grade and ranking in a class). If you were in the top 5-15% of your peer students, this will improve your chances of being enrolled. This would also include any courses you’d taken: Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, etc.
  • Any great scores on tests, such as ACT or SAT
  • If you were a part of any student organization, musical band, sports team, or school club, definitely show that. For many people, it is a very reliable spring for their future studying success, career, and lifelong employment
  • Any additional social activities that you were a part of: babysitting, volunteering, travel, photography… This will show that you’re a multidimensional person and have a large social potential, which is very good for colleges and institutes
  • Any possible employment: a part-time job, shadow job, assisting, internship, summer programs, studying abroad, etc. That can show you’re already striving to be a full-fledged part of the society
  • Hobbies and interests, which are relevant to the social direction of your future educational facility or could show you from an additional side.

Guidelines for the usage of the free resume builder for your case

When you’re thinking to include these or others, you also have to bear in mind a few guidelines for your educational facility resume:

  • Keep it well-informative & concise, without any duplications or inconsistencies
  • Proofread for typos and misspellings, which is of extreme importance for colleges, which pay stringent attention to your educational level
  • Do not go over 1-2 pages
  • Do not forget to mention any soft and hard skills: computer and software knowledge, fluent languages, sports skills, communication or leadership skills, problem-solving and organizational skills, etc. These are very important for your entire life and career
  • Do not exaggerate any information in this document but do show yourself from the best side, without being too shy
  • Use an active voice and focus on your accomplishments (it would be perfect if they are measurable in numbers) rather than on ‘what you did’, as ‘doing’ is a process, which does not always lead to a result or show the effectiveness of doing it
  • Give someone you trust to give a look at your CV and correct it when necessary and if you believe this would be the right thing.

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