May 30, 2024

How to Get a Job in Sports

The sports world is one of the most exciting and difficult things to do as there are a limited number of positions to get into. Whether it be a high-ranking position or just doing exactly what I am doing now and discussing sports, there are a lot of different ways to get your foot in the door. Today, we are going to discuss some ways a person can get into the sports world and get a job doing so. 

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Branding Yourself

This is something I truly believe in but you need to work on creating your personal brand. That means doing jobs that others may not look as glorious for little pay in order to “pay your dues” and make sure your name is consistently out there in the sports world. 

In the world today, you are told that you should be updating your resume every six months so you need to be doing something that is helping you do just that. If you want to work as a sports writer then get a job writing about sports on the side, if you want to work in a front office of a team then go intern for a team and prove that you are worth it. 

I understand that some people may not be in the financial position where they can just accept a lower-level position for a bit, but in a world that we are in now there are a lot of ways to work in the sports field. You can work parking or be a member of the gameday staff if you live close to a stadium or try to help in promotions or a different department. Making sure that you are at least doing something is the most important thing though, no matter what it is. Each experience is going to make you a more well-rounded individual to a potential employer. 

Apply, Apply, Apply

The sports world is full of competition on the field of play and it is the same thing in the hiring process as well. There are only a specific number of different positions that are available to apply for and even less in the position or positions you would like. However, you need to apply anyway. 

I know this can be difficult to understand but I suggest applying to a couple of jobs per day as there are a slew of websites that professional teams and/or leagues use to showcase an opening. Even if you go to the lengths of researching someone in the front office of a team that you want to work for doing a similar position and asking them if there is a chance you can intern or a position opening up. 

More than likely when a team opens up a position, they have an idea of who they want to fill that position so making sure you understand that and try to wow them with your experiences doing different things for different employers could really help you out in the long run. It’s competitive and you need to continue to make strides if you want to get one of the coveted spots in the sports world. 


I get it, it’s not easy at times making a living in the sports world as you can sometimes need multiple jobs because entry-level jobs typically do not pay well. Understand that titles are not permanent so do not be dissuaded by the title of intern and get a little outside of your comfort zone. If you want to be a content creator (radio, social media, television, writing, etc) go and create content so these people hiring know what they are getting. 

The world of sports is incredible and if you want to be part of it, you need to make sure you are doing everything possible for people to hire you. 

Karan Shah

Karan Shah is an Edu-preneur, Tedx speaker, Harvard alumnus specializing in eCommerce, and the founder of IIDE - The Digital School. He is a reputed author on the topics of education, digital marketing, and Ed-techs. Over the years he has penned a plethora of articles in leading news outlets such as Entrepreneur, BusinessWorld, Education Times, and Youth Magazine to name a few.