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How to Download Documentaries Faster?

We all love documentaries. They are informative, entertaining, and sometimes even inspiring. But if you’ve ever tried to watch a documentary on your laptop or phone, you know that it can take a while for the video to buffer properly before it starts playing. For this reason, many people use a media player like VLC or Kodi to play their videos—but these players don’t always come with features like subtitles and multiple languages.

That’s where you hunt for options that can offer your faster downloads and easy access to your favorite documentaries. Here are some helpful tips on how to make your research go smoother.

Download documentaries from torrent sites:

Torrent sites are known for their speed and how easy it is to find just about anything you’re looking for. These sites are great for downloading documentaries because they download quickly, and the file size is usually small. You can consider checking out as it has a wide range of content. It’s also easy to use, and most of the torrent search engines are free.

Download documentaries from YouTube:

YouTube is another great option because the content there is generally high quality, and you don’t have to wait for files to download. You can directly stream them instead, making it a better experience all around. Most good videos on YouTube will be relatively short as well, so they won’t take up too much space on your device once downloaded. Just make sure that if you do decide to download the video first, then watch it later, how many times it has been viewed since being uploaded if quality matters! Lastly, consider how long each documentary may last before running out of battery or slowing down your computer/device – choose carefully!

Subscribe to an online streaming service:

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Nowadays, there are a number of online streaming services that allow you to stream videos directly in your browser. This is how most people choose to watch YouTube videos, but many other video hosting sites also offer similar services. The best thing about using these platforms for watching documentaries is how simple they make it to download the file in question if you want to save it on your computer or device afterward – just lookout for an option like this when browsing content!

A big downside here, however, may be the number of ads that come with free accounts- although there are paid subscriptions available that remove them. Another issue might be how long each documentary lasts before needing recharging/rebooting your system since at least one ad will play between every single episode during playback, so keep this in mind if you are planning to binge-watch!

Find the right video converter for you:

There are many different kinds of converters out there, but not all will work with every type of file. You should try a few before settling on one that suits you best. These converters can also be used to play your videos on different devices such as a phone, tablet, TV, or computer. Besides, different video converters will also offer additional features such as editing and subtitles.

The easiest way to get started with a converter is simply choosing one that you like how it looks and how easy it is for you to use. If the converter offers some useful settings or functions, then check them out too—if they aren’t making any difference when testing them on your own videos, feel free to ignore these extras! How about subtitles?

Use multiple sources for downloading:

If you want to download multiple documentaries simultaneously, then you should try getting your hands on a powerful download manager. The best ones will automatically split the video into smaller chunks that can be downloaded from several sources at once. This way, it not only speeds up how quickly each documentary is available to watch but also how fast they are actually downloaded. Besides, if you’re trying to download a documentary with subtitles, then this method is especially useful because there might be only one version of the video available.

Using multi-threading for faster downloads:

faster downloads

Multi-threading is a process that allows your computer to download multiple files at the same time. If you’re not yet familiar with how it works, then think about running an errand in town using two cars instead of one. This way, you won’t need as much time and effort to get everything done because both vehicles will be working on their own individual tasks simultaneously rather than consecutively. 

In this case, each car represents a different thread or task running on its own CPU core, which means downloading speed can increase by up to 40%. However, make sure all of your threads are going towards building a single file—this will ensure they do not attempt to work independently from each other.


With so many different options, it is now easier than ever to download your favorite documentaries faster.

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