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How to Clean a Natural Gas Oven (the Green Way)

It’s Saturday; I have completed the chores, fixed myself a snack, and have settled down for my weekly dose of cooking shows. Whether it’s reruns of the Great British Bake Off or Nadiya Bakes on Netflix, baking shows are my perfect weekend companion. 

Do you love to bake as much as I do? If yes, then your oven is probably in need of a deep cleaning too! 

But cleaning an oven is a much lengthier process compared to cleaning your stovetop! The best reference I can give you is that cleaning an oven is like going to a dentist, which involves a lot of scraping, polishing, and scaling. 

It’s also a bit tough because we just get lazier after cooking and having food, and unfortunately, the earlier you clean the oven after cooking, the better it is for you.

While it sounds like the most dreaded task, with just the right knowledge, tools, and techniques, you can clean your oven just the right way. In this article, I have outlined easy and sustainable methods to clean your gas oven.

Here goes!

Tips for Cleaning A Natural Gas Oven

While there are a lot of all-purpose green cleaners out there that you can find on Amazon or Wholefoods, but you can also make your cleaner at home with just baking soda and vinegar. I have outlined a few tips you need to follow that will help you clean a natural gas over;

  1. Clean the Gas Oven After Each Use

Clean as soon as you are done cooking should be something you follow religiously. Because the more time you the stains will get tougher for you to remove. Now keep in mind that before starting the cleaning process, you need to make sure your gas is turned off. 

Note: You must have a gas safety certificate that verifies that all your appliances are safe and there is no gas leakage. As soon as you are done cooking, you should either clean the stove immediately or before calling it a night.

  1. Things You Will Need To Clean Your Oven

In order to clean your stove, you can buy a green cleaning solution, or you can make a paste at home. What will you need to make an oven cleaning paste? 

A simple and easy paste can be made with just baking soda and vinegar. Another option is that you combine and make a paste with; dishwashing liquid and baking soda. Other than the paste, you will need a scrub cloth or brush, toothbrush, paper clip, etc.

  1. Clean the Oven Racks and Apply the Paste

After cooking, there might be a lot of residue of leftover cooked stuff, oils, grease, etc. What we recommend is that you turn your stove on and let all that residue be burned. Once burned, you can turn off the gas and first clean it with soapy water.

Then apply the paste we mentioned in step 2 and let it sit for a while. Apply this paste on the walls or grills or whatever areas of the oven you need to clean. After 10 to 15 minutes, you need to start scrubbing. For this purpose, you can use a scrub cloth or a toothbrush, etc. This will help you scrape off all the tough stains and residue that’s left on the stove.

  1. Rinse off the Cleaning Solution

Once the time has passed,  you need to clean that paste of the oven and rack off the oven. You use a scrubber and soapy water to get out the residue and clean the oven.

You can also use a washcloth to wipe off the tough stains and take the racks out if possible and clean them in the sink. It involves the simple process of scrub and cleaning, and you keep repeating the process until you have a clean and stain-free oven.

  1. Clean and Scrape the Stains Out

The fifth step is about getting rid of stains that are leftover after the first round of clean-up. If the stain didn’t clean up completely, you need to apply the paste again to those particular stains, wait 15 to 20 minutes and then start scrubbing the second time around.

You can use a scrubber or a toothbrush to get rid of tough stains. I would recommend you to go old school style, dip your toothbrush in water and start scrubbing of that paste. Take extra care of the grill and scrape the residue from each of it because those are tough to get rid of.

  1. Clean the Oven Door

Once you are done cleaning the grill and the inside of your gas oven, it is time that you also concentrate on cleaning the door of the oven. More than often, we forget to clean the oven door.

So in the last step, I would recommend you to concentrate on the oven doors. Clean them off with the same cleaning paste/solution but gently. The doors usually do not have a tough stain on them, but if you leave the door as is, the minor stain might get tough with time. This is why do not forget to clean the oven door as you cleaned the insides of the oven

Clean Your Oven Easily With The Tips Mentioned Above

Cleaning an oven is not a piece of cake! And yes, I know while you all made turkeys for thanksgiving and probably have extravagant menus planned for your Christmas and new year’s family parties.

While yes, you want to impress your guests with a yummy baked lasagna or a roasted chicken, but after you are done, just remember to clean your oven as soon as possible. Because the later you do that, the double the hard work, and the process would be for you. 

So keep your kitchen filled with good food and do not worry about cleaning your oven as my cleaning tips mentioned above will surely help you out.

Muhammad Shoaib

Shoaib provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for gas safety certs.