How Much Is Chocolate the Beanie Baby Moose Worth?

Be honest: you’ve probably held onto your loads of Beanie Babies in hopes that they’d be worth a fortune in a few years’ time.

When it comes to the value of Beanie Babies, however, the reality is that some aren’t worth the same as others. The rarity, style, condition, and age all factor in how much a specific Beanie Baby is worth. This is why some Beanie Babies are virtually gold while others won’t even sell for a dollar.

Do you have a Beanie Baby Moose that you’re holding onto? “Chocolate” is an adorable critter, that’s for sure, but how much is this guy really worth? Keep on reading to find out!

Chocolate Beanie Baby Facts

Beanie NameChocolate
Birthday27th April 1993
Copyright Year1993
PelletsPVC, PE
OriginChina, Korea, Indonesia

About Chocolate the Moose Beanie Baby

Did you know that Chocolate the Moose was one of the original nine Beanie Babies? Released for the first time on January 8th, 1994, Chocolate stole the hearts of both children and adults all across the nation.

This moose’s iconic heart-shaped Ty tag didn’t include a poem until the 4th generation, making earlier versions more valuable. A McDonald’s Teenie Beanie version was released with Happy Meals in 1997, and a Beanie Buddy of Chocolate was later released in 2000.

On April 27th, 1993, Chocolate had a birthday and was among the last of the original nine to retire in 1998.

How Much Is Chocolate Worth?

Okay, now that you know a little bit more about Chocolate, how much is he worth?

Like we mentioned before, a first-generation Chocolate moose Beanie Baby, can sell for around $200 with ease, depending on the condition. But if you’ve got a second or third-generation Chocolate, you might be disappointed to find out that they won’t sell for more than $20, typically.

Where to Sell chocolate beanie baby?

Although the Ty moose Beanie Baby isn’t worth a whole lot, you might be hoarding some others that are actually quite valuable. But if you research the Beanie Baby market and come across a star in your collection, where are you supposed to sell it?

Most Beanie Baby sellers use online bidding websites or marketplaces such as eBay to sell their stuffed animals. On eBay, you can compare your prices to other sellers’ and have people bid on your chocolate beanie baby so that you can sell at a higher price.

As far as your common, not-so-special Beanie Babies, there’s never been a better time for a garage sale!

Know the Value of Chocolate the Beanie Baby Moose

#Fun Fact: Chocolate the moose beanie baby 1993 value is around $800–$1,800.

Of all of the Beanie Babies in the world, we’d have to say that Chocolate the Beanie Baby moose is one of the cutest. And now that you’re aware of how much this stuffed animal is worth, you can opt to sell it with confidence or hold onto it for longer. Thanks for reading!

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