How Do You Write A Cold Email

A cold email is sent to a prospective customer who no existing relationship or knowledge of your company, and in some cases, these people many not even be aware of the industry you operate in. 

Simply put, it is an unsolicited email that you send to cold customers with the intention of getting them interested in your products so they would turn to warm lead. You may send them a free eBook, ask them to download a video, or get them to sign up for a free trial. 

That said, how do you write a cold email?

The From Line

It may come as a surprise to you that we’ve dedicated a heading to the from line, that’s exactly how important it is! We usually set up the from line for a new email address, and after we’ve done this, we don’t pay a lot of attention to it. 

That said, this element of an email is almost as important as the email’s body, and that’s only because it plays a crucial role. It shows your recipients who sent them the email, and it plays big role in building an impression. After you’ve sent them the email, they decide whether they should open it or read the message, or put it in the trash and forget about it.

The Subject Line

The subject line of an email gives the prospect an idea of what’s the purpose behind the email. They are one of the most important elements of a good cold email and they can single-handedly decide whether your email gets read or not. 

The person who said that a book shouldn’t be judged by its covers didn’t probably have to read an email, because research suggests that 35% of all recipients open emails simply because of the subject line. 

One common mistake sales reps make here is that they try to misguide the reader just so they would open the email. This only does more harm than good!

Write A Clever Introduction

An email’s introduction must not be longer that 2 to 3 sentences. It’s not supposed to be an introduction for you, or for the organization you work for. Instead, it needs to talk directly to the recipient, their achievements, the nature of their work, their expertise, and their company. That’s how you catch a person’s attention. 

A hint of flatter can work, too! But try not to overdo it. Enlisting everything they’ve been doing will make you sound like a stalker. Make sure you keep it professional. 

Clarify the Value You’re Providing

This aspect is the most important element of your email. This statement defines how exactly you can help your prospect. An excellent value proposition is one that follows through on the promise it makes. Begin by answering 3 fundamental questions:

  • What product are you offering?
  • How will the customer benefit from this product? 
  • Why you’re different from your competitors


A cold email is powerful tool that can fill up your sales funnel with several warm leads. If you’re still wondering “how do you write a cold email?†go through the information we’ve mentioned above to clarify your doubts!

Nailing a cold email can be tough even for seasoned sales reps. For stellar outbound sales development, contact SalesGig.

Eric Schaefges

Eric Schaefges has worked on technical and operational efficiency for the Sales, Human Resources, and Background Screening industries for 16 years. He is currently Chief Operating Officer (COO) of SalesGig, a B2B lead generation marketplace, and also maintains Elorian Solutions, an operations & product consultancy.