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Everything You Need for an Impactful and Successful Virtual Trade Expo

Social distancing and the covid-19 pandemic outbreak have proven that virtual events are also possible. After the pandemic, the event industry has adopted some uncomfortable yet necessary changes. 

Happy hours, conferences, and virtual trade expos are increasing day-by-day, and more than 49% of businesses organize virtual events, which is more than in-person events. And, all this is possible because of a reliable and robust virtual expo platform that offers great flexibility to exhibitors and attendees. 

This post will help you understand everything you need to make your virtual trade expo a successful event. 

What Is A Virtual Trade Expo?

A trade expo is a dynamic online environment with a 3D setup and includes various event engagement tools to create and present the event. Virtual trade shows recreate the experience of physical events. Virtual trade expos are increasing as it seems to be an ideal solution for eliminating crowd and some never-fading issues such as,

  • Restricted reach
  • Costly infrastructure
  • Audience attendance
  • Exhausting and complicated event planning, etc.

How Do You Create A Virtual Trade Expo?

Planning a virtual trade expo involves finding a reliable event platform that offers robust features to help you organize the event. Choose a virtual expo platform that aligns with your goals, enables you to provide smooth communication channels, and is ready to do everything you need to make an event successful.

Based on the event size, you will need to decide the platform as many virtual trade show platforms are available in the market. Ask if it can power your virtual event as well as a trade show. Choose an expo platform that promises quality, scalability, flexibility, and allows you to track results, making success easier to prove and define. 

Features of a Virtual Expo Platform

Here are some of the standard features you’ll need while organizing a successful virtual trade expo. 

  • Live chat and other engagement features for networking and engagement purposes.
  • Customizable booth experience for exhibitors
  • Interactive virtual trade expo environment
  • Virtual meeting rooms to request and pre-schedule appointments with each other
  • Inbound exhibitor leads feature.
  • Streamline video for webinar, presentation, and branded virtual user experience

Services to Add That Will Set Your Trade Expo Apart

The above-listed features help organize and set up a virtual trade expo. However, you should also look for the below-listed add-ons in a virtual expo platform.

Gamification: Helps implement live polls, virtual scavenger hunts, and quizzes that can increase engagement, increase sponsorship chances, and provide additional value to attendees.

Translation services: To provide something extra for attendees from different parts of the world, consider adding translation services. This will increase the number of attendees and improve participation. 

AR/VR: With increasing demand, AR and VR experiences are becoming a common need. Choosing a platform that offers AR and VR capabilities can help you create a more interactive environment and improve your overall expo experience.

Virtual trade expos provide an incredible opportunity to bring together your target audience, industry leaders, professionals, and brand under a single roof. With the right technology and reliable virtual trade expo platforms, you can easily organize your event and make it more successful than an in-person event.

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