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Worried about Accidental Plagiarism? – The Easiest way to detect Text Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a menace for content writers. Today it has become very important for a writer to check their original work for plagiarism and other human errors. This is because the rules related to the originality and quality of content have become very strict.

Also, you must know that today you have to save yourself from more than dozens of different types of plagiarism. In this article, we will tell you about the most common and dangerous type of plagiarism that can surely exist in your content today. You would also explore the different ways to avoid duplication of all sorts later in this post.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the unethical and illegal act of copying and using someone else’s work as your own. Plagiarism has gotten very common over the past few years. This is because of the amount of content available on the web today and because content writing is not easy. 

Hiring a professional writer can cost you a lot of money and liability. So many people prefer copying and tampering with content from the web instead of creating original content or paying a writer.

This stands for intentional plagiarism, but you must know that there are more than ten different kinds of plagiarism today. Below we have discussed the most common type of plagiarism that you have to save yourself from.

Accidental Plagiarism – Are you plagiarizing content unintentionally?

Accidental plagiarism has today become the most common type of plagiarism that you would find on the web these days. Accidental plagiarism, as the name intends, is the type of duplication which occurs unintentionally in your content even if you haven’t copied a single word from any other source. 

Accidental plagiarism is getting common because of the amount of content available on the web today. You would be surprised to know that thousands of blog and website posts are being poured onto the search engine every turning minute. So there is always a chance that multiple writers working on the same niche or topic would have similarities in their work. 

This unintentional similarity is known as accidental plagiarism, and it has the same adverse effects as intentional or complete plagiarism. This is also why experts recommend that writers check their work with a reputable plagiarism tool for authenticating the originality of their work. 

The easiest way to check accidental Plagiarism!

There is no manual way of checking and comparing accidental plagiarism manually. So you have to subscribe to the digital modes. The easiest way to check plagiarism in your content today is with the help of plagiarism tools.

Plagiarism checker tools are software programs capable of checking and comparing your content with the content already published on the web. You must know that today there are dozens of well-reputed plagiarism scanner tools available on the web. You have to pick the best one and scan your content with it. You can easily find out intentional as well as unintentional traces of plagiarism with these online tools. Some of the best plagiarism tools are mentioned below for you:


Duplichecker is a very famous and one of the oldest plagiarism-checking website tools indexed on Google. This plagiarism checker is free to use and has one of the simplest interfaces. The neat and clean interface of the tool makes it easier for the new users to understand the working procedure of the tool. If you want to check accidental plagiarism with Duplichecker, then you should follow the steps mentioned here:

  • Navigate the plagiarism tool on your browser.
  • Enter the text/files/website URL in the input section of the tool.
  • Press the ‘check plagiarism’ button after insertion of input data.
  • The tool would get you matched results in less than ten seconds.

The plagiarism checker tool uses AI and advanced technology to search for duplication. It can easily find accidental plagiarism.

PlagiarismDetector.Net is another online tool that can help you check your work for duplication in all forms. This plagiarism tool is powered by AI and deep search technology, one of the well-reputed techs for scanning and comparing plagiarism in your content. 

This plagiarism detector tool is available in both free and paid packages. You can choose the subscription that suits you the most once you are done with the free limit. The best thing about this plagiarism tool is that it can check your work for plagiarism and human errors in one shot!

There are many popular features of this plagiarism tool; some of them include:

  • No silly and disturbing advertisements.
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Deep search technology for finding unintentional duplication 
  • Accurate and detailed reports
  • Multiple files and language support system

Both of the plagiarism tools discussed in this post are very secure in their work. You don’t have to worry about the privacy of your content while checking it. Also, know that these plagiarism tools can also help you remove duplicate text from your work!

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