July 14, 2024

Customizing Your Car and the Top 9 Reasons Why you Would Want to

So you have a sweet ride that you love, but it just doesn’t express your personality. Do not despair, and in the same way, you would remodel a house to be your home, have your vehicle customized to say who you are. 

There are many ways to change up the look of your vehicle. Some are small, and you can do them at home (it doesn’t take an expert to install a retro beaded seat cover or place a bumper sticker on the back bumper), but most will need to be done by a professional. Depending on what you are looking for, you will be looking for a paint shop or, say, a Utah truck accessories place that can supply and install for you.

Most cars come in standard manufacturer’s solid colors. This is fine if this year’s shade of grey fits your aesthetic; however, should it not, there are plenty of options to choose from, such as metallic, pearlescent, or just a straight color match to your favorite color. Your new paint job doesn’t have to be a single color either, if racing stripes or something a bit fancier is your thing.

Like a good pair of shoes keeping your feet comfortable and tying your outfit together, your vehicle’s wheels take it everywhere, so do it in style. It can be as simple as changing the standard steel rims for an alloy set or extreme as having a complete set of hydraulic height-adjustable suspensions and smaller wheels for an incredible low rider.

Have you ever been walking or driving around town and noticed a car with an interesting-sounding business’ name on the rear window? Using your vehicle for advertising purposes has become commonplace in recent years. And why not? It’s a relatively inexpensive way to get your business name out in the public domain that you have complete control over. This is a feasible option for the smallest home business to the largest corporation, from a small decal on the window to a full car wrap.

On a small scale for the exterior, you could inject some humor and personality with novelty mud flaps or a bumper sticker. These are excellent simple minor additions that are removable and won’t affect the resale price. 

There are a couple of smaller options if it’s additional value that you are looking to add. Having a tow bar and ball installed will set you apart from cars and vans that can’t tow a trailer. A personalized number plate is another little addition that can be made, though it can be seen as an investment separate from the individual vehicle as it is able to be transferred to a different one with some simple paperwork. 

Of course, it’s not all about the outside, with many options to make the inside sweet as well. 

There is much more to custom upholstery than a beaded car seat cover. Have the seats reupholstered to breathe new life into an aging or damaged interior, or straight-up pull them out and replace them with new ones entirely. Heading along to your local junkyard or looking up their online inventory is a savvy way to find a bargain, so be sure to check them out. Of course, if a project with a lot of leg work is not your style, you will be able to find plenty of new and used parts in the shop as well.

The electronics are easily updated, with things having moved along in the last decade. Gone are the days of small children sitting bored in the back, demanding attention in the form of never-ending games of eye-spy, sing-alongs, and the age-old classic of asking “are we there yet?†on repeat. It is now easy to install DVD players in the back of the front seats so that passengers in the back can watch a movie or their favorite cartoons. Sure they will still emerge occasionally to ask Are we there yet? But it will buy the driver some respite.

New cars obviously come with modern internet integrated systems, but should the automotive love of your life be an older model, chances are its technology is somewhat dated now. It is possible to upgrade more than just the in-car radio. You can have different OS systems integrated as well as GPS, blue tooth and controls for those brand new DVD players.

One part of a vehicle is part of both the exterior and interior; of course, it’s the windows. 

Your side windows allow you to see what is happening on either side of you as you drive, an essential safety feature; however, does the rest of the world really need to see in? Whether it’s privacy from unwanted glances or protection from the glaring sun that you are after, a special film can turn your side windows into tinted windows quickly and affordably.

Now, if it is extra light inside the vehicle that you are after, then having a sunroof installed is the way to go. The bonus of having a sunroof fitted is that you can have it open at higher speeds without the loud noise of having the side window down. Cool fresh air on a balmy summer night sounds quite divine!

The final reason for customizing your vehicle is to give yourself added security. Having that truck sitting in the yard full of work equipment on show will be quite an attractive target for thieves looking to make a quick buck. Having a cover fitted over the back will keep your valuables snug and safe. 

Another option for improving the security of your vehicle is to have a tracker retrofitted. There are different systems available on the market offering different levels of response. Heavy-duty ones will communicate directly with police departments, while others can send alerts straight to your smartphone. Which type you should choose to go for will ultimately be dictated by your budget and the value of what you are protecting. 

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