7 Brilliant Advertising Ideas That You Can Use for Your Small Business

Statistics show that 84 percent of people expect brands to create content.

What type of advertising does your business currently do? How many team members are dedicated to focusing on this area of the business? What improvements can be made to your current approach?

Sometimes an advertising revolution is born out of the introduction of new ideas.

Keep reading to learn more advertising ideas for your business:

1. Google My Business

While this may not be the most unique option you’ll read about, it is a very important one. So many people end their searches using the word “near me” in order to find a product or service near them. 

Setting up this profile will allow you to be found more easily online.

2. Custom Newsletter

There was a time in the past that people said that email is not the way to advertise anything. Now you can design customer newsletters that keep them engaged, even when they are not in the store. 

The constant top of mind can help you be involved in future sales.

3. Talk With Stats

Whether you use infographics online or colorful posters to advertise your stats, it is important that you share them. Informing the community about where you are as a business.

People like to look at stats when deciding on large purchases to see what appears to be better.

4. Wrap Something

Have you ever seen a car completely decorated to advertise for the company? There is typically a wrap that goes around the vehicle to make that design. 

You can make anything from a bike to a car to a moving truck into a mobile advertisement for your business. 

5. Send a Video

Videos have endless benefits in today’s current landscape, from emails to billboards they can be placed almost anywhere. Have you ever wanted to send a client a video as a gift?

You can discover more on video mailer by visiting that link to learn how you can produce one of them for a future client or a as a thank you for their current business.

6. Recruit Pets

Let’s say that you are a computer repair business. People are likely used to seeing content from you that says to contact you if they are in need of a repair. 

Recruiting a dog to pose next to the computer or pretend it is fixing a laptop can inform people of what you offer while drawing in their attention with a beloved animal.

7. Be Different with Advertising Ideas

You may come up with one good idea or 100 good ideas. It is important to set yourself apart and take the ideas that are harder or nearly difficult to achieve. 

The space is less crowded when you realize it like this and not starting at the clock for it to turn 5. Dare to be different so that it is harder to copy your business. 

Get Started Today

Now that you have read about a few advertising ideas for your business, you can implement them today. You won’t know what works and what doesn’t until you try them out on your potential customers. Check out our website for more informational articles like this one.

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