July 14, 2024

Benefits of an Online Assessment and Learning Platform for Educational Institutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many parameters for education and learning for all institutions. For your educational institution to evolve in the aftermath and implement better learning experiences for your pupils, consider online assessment and learning platforms. 

As an educational institute, you can deliver better resources and teach to your students with online platforms like Janison for your educational requirements. 

Better Efficiency

Online Assessment platforms deliver more to your exam candidates for less. You can create an exam within half an hour and have it in front of your candidates. Marking the exam and delivering the results can be done within a day through online platforms. 

It also offers multiple examination centres at different locations that give your candidates to take the exam from where they want. When your institute can provide students with a controlled environment to take their exams without any interruptions, the process becomes more efficient for everyone. 

Measurable Results

The best feature that an online assessment and learning platform has is analytics. Learning outcomes will become much easier to observe and notice discrepancies with trackable results and analysis of all exams. 

You can view past trends for your institute and see real-time updates on test activity too. Create custom reports for your educators so they can also learn from the data provided about their students. 

When changing your curriculum or teaching methods, your educators will see if their modifications change the student’s outcomes. This will let your students have a more catered learning experience with better outcomes while the results for your institution increase. 

Increased Engagement

Online Learning platforms are compatible with multiple devices and browsers. Your students can access the resources and learning guides provided anytime, anywhere with cloud-based platforms too.

The user interface for assessments and learning is user-friendly and lets students interact through multiple media types like videos and animation for better understanding and comprehension. 

Reduced Costs

When you have to administer an exam offline for your students, there are many administration and personnel costs to consider. The added cost of resources and booking examination centres can also be a burden for your institution.

To save costs but retain the same quality for your examinations, online assessment platforms let you create an exam with minimum resources and take care of logistics if you are interested in having offline examination centres.

Online learning platforms provide invigilators, both online and offline, for your requirements. Students can even access tests and resources with minimum internet connectivity, which will save costs. 

Use Online Assessment and Learning Platform to Facilitate Change

The change will be apparent immediately when you utilize an online assessment and learning platform for your educational institute. You can gauge whether shifting to online sources was a good decision for your students and educators through real-time analytics.

Many platforms like Janison will assist you through every step when you are in the process of onboarding your organization with them. It lets you achieve a fully catered experience for your students with the platform helping you directly. Teach your students through interactive media like videos, e-books, animations, face-to-face sessions, and so on through an online platform to make your institution accessible from anywhere.

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