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A Guide To Betting On Football Without Adjustment For Newbies Episode

Predicting soccer matches is a familiar activity for many people. It helps relieve stress after a tiring working day and helps improve income on 20Bet. However, if you are just starting out, it will be a bit difficult for you to place bets and bets. Don’t worry, the information on how to catch a standard football match does not need to be adjusted. 

Home Football Odds Overview 

To place a good bet and predict the outcome, you need to have a good understanding of the types of odds. Although this is quite important information, few people pay attention and remember it. This leads to the inevitable result of consecutive failures. Most wins come from luck. 

Therefore, as a true and professional betor, the bookie recommends you know the following general but extremely useful information: 

Asian Handicap (Handicap) 

This is the most popular type of bet. People choose This type of bet commonly known as a handicap or handicap bet. Asian betting odds are also so diverse that you have to understand and memorize them. However, when you get used to playing, just look at the odds table and you will immediately know how the house offers the odds. 

Asian Handicap has many odds, of which the most popular is bronze, ¼, ½, ¾, 1 ¾, 2 ¾. Each type is characterized by the situation, form, and advantages of the teams against each other. According to online football betting experts, Asian rafters are easy to play and easy to win, and the payout rate is also high. Therefore, whether you have experience or not, you should choose to play this form of betting. 

European Handicap 

The second betting form that is also preferred by many players is the European Handicap, which is considered harder to win. Not as diverse as Asian rafters in terms of house odds.The European chevron has the symbol 1X2 and is interpreted in exactly the same way. More precisely, 1 is the number of symbols that allow the home team to win. X means the 2 teams will tie. 2 is the number of symbols for the winning away team. The way to display this bet on the betting table is also quite simple. 

However, due to the variety of bets, many people often fail when placing European bets. Instead of determining the ratio to increase the chance of winning like the Asian rafters, the European bets only have 3 results. 

In addition, the odds of each door are also quite high, ranging from 1.95 to 8, so if you lose, the player will lose a lot. This bet is also not for those who want to play small to reduce the risk of capital loss. Therefore, you should pay attention before deciding to avoid losing money when playing cards. 

Hot Bets 

In fact, addition and subtraction are also Asian cheats, but due to the interest of different betting outcomes, they are determined separately. Therefore, both types of bets above require the player to predict the score in detail. 

But with Over/Under, the player does not need to care about winning or losing, but only needs to know the total number of goals. The gambler will bet on a certain number. The player will choose “Plus” or “Minus” to place it. 

The Best Football Betting Guide 

Getting the correct football bet requires knowing how to read the odds and gaining more experience. Besides, you should also pay attention to spending time practicing to get valuable lessons. 

Online football betting carries a lot of risk because this sport contains many unpredictable surprises. To win, you must remember the following soccer betting guidelines: 

A guide to reading Asian football odds 

As mentioned above, Asian markets are very diverse, with different odds. each other for each match. Therefore, reading the odds is also extremely important and also helps you evaluate the house bet with the 2 participating teams. 

Understanding how the odds are read will help you place bets quickly and make accurate predictions. Reading the odds is important, so you need to do your research to make sure you’re doing it right. Here is a guide to football betting by reading the best odds: 

Under, also known as a tie, is the easiest bet in the Asian odds system. You have the right to bet on any team, over or under, to win, as long as you place the right winning team to claim the bonus. If the two teams tie, you will get your money. If the team you bet on loses, you lose your entire initial bet to the dealer. 

Handicap 1, also known as 0.25 or left half, is applied to two teams with a relative advantage. The top team will accept the bottom left team. The rate is 0-0.5. With the example table below, if you choose Team A and that team wins, you will get an extra 0.93. If you place Team B and that team wins, you will receive an additional bet of 0.97. 

The odds table has odds of 

Handicap ¾, also known as a 0.75 or 1/2 handicap, the symbol on the house edge is 0.5-1. In the example below, if team A beats team B by 1 goal, you will get half of your bet if team A is selected. If this team wins by 2 goals or more, you will lose the bet. The odds are 0.88. If team A’s team loses or draws, you pick team B and you get your full bet. 

Half Handicap, also known as 0.5 Handicap or Left Half Handicap, is represented on the table as 0.5. In the example below, Team A is the top team and Team B is the bottom team. If you choose Team A and that team wins, you get the bonus at the rate of 0.94. If you choose Team A but this team is drawn or lost by Team B, you will lose your entire bet.

European football betting guide (1X2)

A European Handicap is indicated by a single column for each half, each match on the odds table offered by the bookie. The house offers a payout ratio of 1 to 100 for each number corresponding to the team name. In the example below, the person who bets that this team will win will get 1.17 x stake. 

The table shows the European market

In the event that you place two teams in a tie and the match/half ends with this result, you will receive an extra 8.2 x your bet. And of course, if the outcome is different from your bet, you will lose your entire bet.

Please refer to and apply immediately to the daily online entertainment process. Wish you win!

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